How to Live the Really Best Bucket List

Life is fun every day in our school or school days, as we relish them with our friends in various ways. Nevertheless, one fine day things begin to change. We land in a position as a profession. We get engaged and married – have kids. The difficulties in dealing with people in our lives begin coming up. While all that happening, deep down inside we don’t stop dreaming of what we want from life.

I was always fascinated with the idea of having a bucket list, yet I never really had one.

When I come up with the hint of writing this post, I realized that it will mean much more to me if I had a virtual list instead of just a physical paper. I guess all of you know that a bucket list is a list of things which a person wants to do before dying.(here I must say if you guys have not watched the movie “The Bucket List” (2007), please go and watch it, or include it in your bucket list :P)

But as I started I was more stressed than happy because I couldn’t see how I would have the time or the money to tackle my bucket list. I even regretted when I didn’t get to everything on my list. I was so focused on my bucket list that I didn’t even realize the spontaneous opportunities I missed along the way.

Focus On the Journey, Not the Destination

Psychologist Linda Blair says that rushing behind big experiences is worthy if you appreciate the whole process. Then again, in case you’re persistently living in the future, overlooking what’s happening at this moment since you’re shooting for goals, which when happen, happen so rapidly that they’re over and after that, you need to pursue another, you’re not really living.

Saving up the money, planning it with friends and then the moment as well, yet do something which is achievable any day like have pizza for breakfast and biryani for supper. Set aside a few minutes for the little things that are effortlessly inside reach. Have the feeling that If you die today, there is nothing I missed.

The mantra is changing your perspective, change your world.

It doesn’t mean that don’t chase your dream, but it is about striking in between a balance and also wanting to have simple pleasures.  It can be about people, not places or things.

  • Go for a walk
  • The first perfect sip of tea/coffee
  • Sloppy toddler kisses
  • Clean sheets
  • Kiss in the rain
  • Stomp in puddles
  • Watch a movie
  • Play a game
  • Listen to music
  • Draw or make something

We have the opportunity to appreciate every breath, each undertaking, every minute. It’s so straightforward still so overlooked in the present-day pace. One errand at any given moment completed appropriately. There’s fulfillment in that.

Participate Fully in the Present

I am a Work at home mom(WAHM) of a toddler and currently, I am living a blended life with barely any limitations. I am typically working half my work day in the day and the other half at night. I pledge and try to choose something simple to savour each day.

  • Wearing the lipstick which is saved for special occasions
  • Having a treat for no special reason
  • Sit down with a cup of tea and scrolling through photos from college time
  • Hair spa at home

The emotion here we are looking for is Gratitude!!


  1. Salil Chatterjee

    Good one…..

  2. Snigdha

    Very nicely compiled 👍👏🏻👏🏻

  3. I loved it so much for the little things you forget to appreciate, like the first roll of delicious tea or the possibility of sitting in one glass and just peeking at old pictures without doing anything useful at that moment. Promises to find a chance to redden when you do not really need because I work from home

  4. Beautifully written post. I completely agree on having a balanace and treating yourself with simple pleasures. ❤

  5. Being a Stay-at-home-Mom myself, I truly appreciate the items you listed.Having a treat for no special reason and photography with the props available at home are my absolute favourites!

  6. Kim

    Living in the moment is so important, and this post has hit home in so many ways right now 😀

  7. Star harford

    Love this!

  8. My bucket list is all travel-based, with experiences and countries I want to visit 🙂 I hope to tick more of them off this year and next! x

  9. Joanna

    It is really important to live the journey towards the experiences on our bucket lists. I have to admit that I don’t have a bucket list written down. I just go from small goal to small goal, parts of a bigger one. And when I get to it, then I set up another journey towards another big goal.

  10. It is always best to have that happy balance in life.

  11. Helen

    I really love this idea, it is too easy to focus on the future and our goals and miss what it going on now. I write myself a list every year which has big dreams and little things like you mentioned. If I do them I’m happy and if if I don’t I don’t worry about them and save them for the next year.

  12. Beautiful post! Indeed we need to have some time and appreciate the little things in life. Be grateful for every little experience! Because everything starts from being “grateful” Thanks for sharing! You really made my day!

  13. sonam joshi

    Really needed this…. we have complicated our lives so much that we tend to forget and enjoy the simple pleasures…. good going Niharika… can’t wait for the next one!

    1. Thanks Sonam for reading this.

  14. Olgay

    we should manage time and use this as we can do otherwise everything just would slip away in front of eyes. and the time comes back. today we live, yesterday we miss the things.

  15. I love your post… full of positivity, it really connects to the reader – me, I must say, gives me some reflections and breathe of things that I really wanted to do. Congrats!

  16. Some great tips, I love your ideas! I need to remember the phrase about enjoying the journey and not just the destination, thanks!

  17. Amen . All too often I become fixated with the destination and not the journey when I should really focus on the journey. Life is about learning from your mistakes and making sense from your journey xx

  18. I love this. As a stay at home Mummy my bucket list isn’t as grand as some of my single childless friends, I’m not travelling the world or climbing the career ladder, but I am flying kites at sunset and having picnics in the park. I much prefer my version!

  19. Nay

    I love this post. I like that you share the idea of daily small pleasures like wearing nice lipstick. So often we’re focussed on the bigger goals that we miss the simple things.

  20. Such great food for thought! It’s so easy to not see the forest for the trees and concentrate on the little day-to-day things. What really matters is our overall journey and that we’re making a little bit of progress every day. x

  21. Via

    Sometimes bucket list items can be and really should be the smaller of the things you can think of to be able to do. I love having both on my list. I really need a list… lol ~ http://viabella-thebeautifullife.blogspot.com

  22. hal

    you damnnnnn right the you can gain fulfilment in the simplest forms and thats why i tell myself that there doesn’t need to be
    some grand moment to represent a bucket list – so i do with this post

  23. Thanks for these tips! I’m in a situation at them oment that I can’t go out with my friends to fancy places and do exciting adventures any more because my budget is so limited. I try to find little happy moments in everydy life. I like your suggestion to wear tht lipstick which has been saved for special occasions. That’s kind of thing what I’m doing now.

  24. All I’m looking for a life is a balance. I was using so many planners to balance work/life and blog but nothing helped me. I believe that sometimes all I have to do is just to forget all duties and relax a little bit 🙂


    1. I too need to forget all responsibilities for altleast a day and just relax

  25. What a wise post! Love how you said ‘ We have the opportunity to appreciate every breath, each undertaking, every minute’ That’s so true. Doing the bucket list is good but we should also enjoy every moment and see the world around us because sometimes it’s the little things that matter most!

  26. This is such a great post! Living in the moment and appreciating what life has to offer at the present time is so crucial to happiness! Quite honestly, it is the little things that make life worth living and cherishing those special moments!
    And yes, wear that special lipstick or outfit you have saved for a special occasion!

  27. lovely!….As is the case with the others, I also love the ‘wear that lipstick’ line!.. 🙂

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