How to Create a Child-Friendly Backyard

Do you want to create a backyard your kids will enjoy just as much as you do? Well, the good news is that you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on expensive playsets, slides and climbing walls. Even though it would be nice to have all those things, all your kids actually need is some nature and a few simple outdoor toys. With only a few bucks, you can create a super fun, child-friendly backyard that will make your kids forget all about their computers and smartphones.

Sand is your friend

A sandbox is one of the most important elements of a kid-friendly backyard. There they’ll be able to dig, mold and build with sand (or dirt) which is super fun and very good for exercising their motor skills. So, build a sandbox in your backyard and equip it with a few sand toys like shovels, buckets and molds – maybe you find out that you’re raising a future engineer or an architect.

Kids’ garden

By teaching kids about plants and gardening first-hand you’ll provide them with great experience and valuable lessons they will remember for the rest of their lives. So, make sure to designate a little parcel for creating a kids’ garden. By taking care of their garden, the kids will learn about nature, plants, agriculture and most of all, responsibility. So, get some easy-to-grow plants like strawberries, tomatoes, beans, carrots and peas and your kids will be stoked once they are able to see the fruits of their labor.

Animal watching

Besides learning how to care for plants, kids can also learn how to treat animals in your backyard. Build a simple birdhouse, bird bath or a squirrel feeder that will attract many beautiful and fun guests to your yard. All of these are easy to build, and you can easily turn them into a fun family project. Another great way to attract critters is to plant a lot of native flowers and trees that will provide food for insects and shelter for animals.

Toys and games

One of the backyard classics is certainly a swing set. Swings are great for developing balance and coordination, and are overall a fun way to be active. Swings can be bought from the store or built from scratch if you love a more complicated DIY challenge. So, if you have space for a swing set or a sturdy branch for a tree swing, make sure to invest in it. Besides the swing, you can also keep your kids active by giving them balls, hula hoops, jump ropes and cones.

Create a paved patio

Kids, especially the older ones, love to play ball games like basketball or soccer. So, make sure to pave one portion of your yard and designate it for games of hoops or soccer. Attach the hoop to a pole or the side of the house and let them engage in a little friendly competition. To ensure they have a hard and sturdy surface to play on, you should consider using exposed aggregate concrete that will not only be perfect for playing, but it will also look great. The paved portion of your yard is also a great spot to place some seating for adults so they can keep an eye on their playful younglings.

Pay attention to safety

Having a backyard that’s truly kid-friendly means that you don’t have to constantly keep an eye on your kids, but a little precaution is more than welcome, especially if the kids are still young. The best way you can keep your kids safe is to teach them about safety and respect, but you, as an adult, also have to do your part. For instance, never leave sharp garden tools out after you finish your work and make sure to avoid planting poisonous plants.

In this day of digitalization, it’s very important for kids to spend more time outdoors and learn about flora and fauna first-hand. A kid-friendly backyard will certainly help you drag your kids out of the house and inspire them to be more active, and spend quality time in the fresh air.

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