How to Create a Backyard Retreat Your Family Will Love

We spend most of our free time inside our houses and apartments. But if you already have an outdoor space, you should use it to reconnect with nature and your family at the same time. Right now, your backyard probably doesn’t look like much, and you are not looking forward to spending time there. However, with some touching up, you will be able to transform it into a whimsical oasis you’ll never want to leave. Here are some tips that will help you create an outdoor retreat your family will love.

The backyard is not your junkyard

Before we move on to landscaping and designing the retreat, we have to make one thing clear: your backyard should not be the place where you will store all the stuff you don’t use, including lawn mowers, bikes, tools, and similar. To make sure it provides you with calmness, clear it of all unnecessary items, and keep the nature as a dominant element, whether in the form of lawn, flowers, bushes, or trees.

Find/create the perfect private zone

One of the vital things about designing a family area in your backyard is shielding it from the probing eyes. To succeed in that, find a naturally secluded zone, such as under a tree. Don’t worry; if you can’t find it, you can create it. Your hideaway can come in the form of backyard porch, pergola, shade sail, grapevine trellis, and semi-open outdoor structures.

Comfort and function through furniture

When choosing patio furniture, you need to decide whether you want to go down the conventional road (spacious table + comfortable chairs) or you want to be playful (e.g., a hammock, teepee, pillows, and blankets on the lawn). Regardless of what you select, it is crucial to opt for weather-resistant fabrics or lightweight pieces that are simple to take inside when the weather is bad. Think about adding something extra with colorful finishes or fluffy additions (e.g., throw pillows or rugs).

A fiery centerpiece

There is something comforting and incredibly cozy about lining up chairs in front or around an outdoor fire pit or fireplace. It will encourage your family to relax, share their stories, and who knows, maybe even sing a tune. Unlike fireplaces, fire pits are pretty much a DIY enthusiast’s dream, so if you’re willing to get your hands dirty, you can build one in no time.

A water element

So, you have fire, but don’t forget about another important element – water. You can introduce it through ponds and fountains. If you have enough space, you can install the best water feature a backyard can have – a relaxing outdoor spa pool which will treat you with many years of rest and indulgence.

Something for the entire family

Think about what your family loves to do in their free time? Do you like to cook together and throw big dinner parties? Or do you love to watch movies? You can set up an outdoor grill, or even an entire kitchen. Also, you can put up a canvas, get a movie projector, and a sound system, and organize fantastic movie nights.

Set up the lighting

You don’t want a backyard retreat which you’ll be able to enjoy only during the daylight. Outdoor lighting is your chance to shine (pun intended). You can get creative and hang a large vintage chandelier. You can go energy-efficient and use solar lamps. For a romantic mood, candles will do the trick. Or you can conjure the magic of fireflies with string lights.


A backyard sanctuary without accessories? We don’t think so. Most of the outdoor decorations should come from nature (e.g., creeper plants, potted greenery, fresh flowers in a vase), but some could serve to create a seamless transition between the interior and the exterior and make a statement about your personal style. The latter can appear in the form of artwork, mirrors, trays, etc.

These tips will help you create an outdoor hideaway for the entire family. It will be a place to relax, enjoy, and have fun.

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