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How to build healthier relationships with devises

I love my devices! My smartphone & computer have been with me since my college days. And now I can’t imagine my life without them.

Social platforms like twitter, facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and  Pinterest has become our constant companions. Screens are something we wrestle with because they are such big part of our culture/generation now. We use them. Our kids want them. They urge or insists to use them because they see how important these have become to us.

In restaurants or public places, we see people who come in a group or couple sit down at the table & within minutes they are on the phone texting surfing searching. What the point of going out if you are not relating??

It is easy to throw a stone at others but when I go out, I can also not resist this irresistible beast.

Researchers have shown that the brain is damaged by excessive use of devices. The blue light from computers makes going to sleep difficult for us. And then there is back problem, neck pains, cramps, eye-straining etc.

Raising a child with no help is no easy task,  so it encourages new mums like me to share screens with the babies. As a parent, I am always concerned(a constant nagging in my head) whether my baby is spending way too much time with screens or not???? It gives an easy way out to keep my daughter engaged& entertained while I can cook, feed her or eat my meal or finish a car journey.  I agree that watching passively is not advisable at all. Not only babies but the older generation …. My parents and my –in-laws are big fans of touch screens and this social media world.

“Kids don’t play all that much like old times.” Reallyyy?? Why not??

Screen time encourages a more bounded/sedentary lifestyle.

Being completely screen free is hard. Screens are everywhere so it is not possible or realistic for us to unplug easily. It can be addictive, too stimulating for the brain.

To set all this right we have to set some domestic ground rules. Researchers encourage families to talk because conversations are helpful for teaching & understanding family values & intentions, perspectives, overcome obstacles or conflict & grow as a family. For babies, should be encouraged more to explore the world physically and active for a minimum of three hours a day.

For teens, its impossible to have a conversation as mobile devices are the social lifelines for them. I see my younger cousins, they don’t even realize your presence as they are fully consumed in their devices

If you are having trouble in this area too….. here is a list of tasks you can engage in to free up and focus your efforts on improving the situation.

* Knowing your family & friends better. Each. Individually. Try to tell me about it rather than show me.

*Go device free – to the beach, woods, parks, walk around the area you live anywhere you like.

* Designate no phone zones or device free areas of the house or times of the day like don’t answer your phones at mealtimes.

* Try keeping the screen time to your child(for babies)up to 15-20 min, when their attention is likely to fade away.

* Connect with your family first then go to the computers. Filter your emails, delete the rest. To be more effectively restrict the amount of time spent in front of your computer, tablet & phones.

* Avoid using devices right before bedtime.

* And last but not the least to become master or slave when it comes to devices & screen is your choice so choose it wisely.

So this is what I feel like doing. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section, would love to hear from you.

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