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How I Work from Home with My Baby

For someone like me – a person who’s been always carrier oriented her entire life, had to said good byes to the workplace to extend her family. It’s hard to get into the role of (just) a wife and mother. Don’t get me wrong, I love the fact that I have a healthy, loving family and I feel blessed every moment of every day because of it, but then again, there are times when I feel that my professional fulfillment is missing. I always question myself “I am more than grateful to have my family but… is this enough?”. And then the guilt follows and you know the drill already – a never-ending circle of guilt and happiness, guilt and happiness…

Since my daughter is only 17 months at the moment, I am always preoccupied with the little one. But I guess the drive to make things happen and go back to my old self has overpowered everything else – I went back to work, although not at the office. I am working from home along with my personal blog and, believe it or not, I am managing it all!

If you’ve been contemplating giving your professional life a try again, I have listed a few tips of my own that may help you find the best options for your stay-at-home business.

Ask for a monthly schedule

If you are not running your own company but just working from home for your firm, ask them to lay out the schedule a month or two in advance if possible(a day in advance also work quiet well). That will help you organise everything according to your pending projects, meetings, and other on-going things. If, however, you are running your own business, that may require asking for help from a babysitter, your mum, a friendly neighbor who’s willing to take your baby off your hands for a few hours, etc. After all, if you are managing a business alone, more thought and precision is needed.

Have the right device

If you’ve got the right device to work on, i.e. an iPhone or a high-quality Android phone with plenty of memory and all the necessary features, you’ll be good to go. You cannot be chained to your computer if you want to have a baby and a successful business. Keep your phone on mute/vibrate and learn to type while you breastfeed; if you are using a laptop, keep it in your lap and your baby on your chest. Bring the phone with you when you are going to the bathroom (I know, it’s gross) and send out a few emails from there if you have to. Be flexible!

Don’t build an office

We are all mentally wired to have a spot, THE SPOT where we work – and that’s fine. But, when you have a baby, committing to just one spot in the house simply won’t do. Instead, I’d suggest targeting the most comfortable spots around the house, the spots that are functional but make you feel good. We have a fantastic set of custom furniture at our place, which allows me to manoeuvre things the way they work best for the time being. For instance, sometimes I’ll work around her play area while she’s playing beside me; other times when I work on the kitchen counter while she is in her baby stroller next to me… or I give her some real life objects to play with….  the options are endless!

Use a carrier or wrap

When I want to get any work done, and my little one is not helping much to get my work done, I put Ira in a wrap or a carrier and go about my business. Being in a wrap, she feels close to me and not left alone and interestingly watches me how things are done and sometimes falls asleep. That’s when I can freely click away on my phone or laptop.

Well, my dear fellow mums… I hope my advice helped. I wish you all the luck and remember – being flexible is everything!


  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about a subject so many mothers face. However, having raised 5 boys, you have made the right decision to first and foremost choose to be with your daughter. And yes, I agree–work from home. But, you will never regret the time you spend at home with her. I love your ideas to moms who are balancing both–thank you!

    1. Thanks a lot for reading it Sharlene!!

  2. Yes! I can relate to needing a spot to work. I made a big stink to my hubby about needing a desk, but my baby screams every time I sit down. My laptop works a million times better and I can use it in bed or snuggled on the couch.

    xo, Mimi

  3. Thanks for sharing. Many moms face the hardship of having to leave their kids at home and would love to work from home!

  4. I do work from home sometimes running my own business and I do agree on your suggestion of giving up the office space mindset, I pretty much move around with a computer from the floor of my baby’s room to the kitchen table and inn between. good read

    1. Mine was the same… Thanks for the read though

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