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Hook, Line and Sinker: How to Keep a Man Interested

Do you have your eye on a man who’s nice, funny, smart and attracted to you but you don’t know how to keep him interested? Here’s an easy and straightforward guide that will help you get and keep the guy.

Appreciate him

Many women forget to really appreciate their man and give him support when he needs it the most. Offer a helping hand in stressful situations, listen to his hopes and dreams and be thankful after a beautiful date night. Even if he doesn’t show it, your appreciation will make him feel good about himself and your relationship.

Invest in an occasional gift or surprise

Guys love gifts just as much as girls do, so make sure to surprise him every once in a while. Take note of the things he likes or wants to try and surprise him when he least expects. A break at a golf club, tickets for a sports event or a new watch will certainly make him realize what kind of a woman he has by his side.

Make him feel good about himself

Guys are usually very sensitive to their egos, so try to make him feel strong, useful and manly (but without making yourself look weak). Let him hold the door open for you or help you put on your coat. Compliment him in a way that will make him feel good about his masculinity.

Boost your confidence

There’s nothing hotter than a bold and confident woman who knows what she wants. So, make sure to pay attention to your appearance, find things you’re good at and put extra emphasis on them. If you have some issues with self-confidence, you can always ask for professional help. For instance, there’s a very good program at the beautiful Matthew Hussey Retreat that can help you learn how to appreciate yourself, deal with challenges, work on your brand and many other useful points. These classes will definitely help you boost your confidence and become more attractive in all senses.

Flirt like a pro

Flirting is a very important (and fun) part of every relationship and it should continue even after you start dating. Keep things interesting and dynamic with playful touches, seductive looks and a few dirty texts or photos. This will keep your relationship fresh and fun for a long time.

Don’t be overly jealous

Every woman wants a man who is comfortable around women and don’t see them as something forbidden. So, try not to sexualize his friendships with his female friends and don’t be overly jealous. Instead of getting into a fight, ask to get to know his female friends and you might even end up with a new friend you both love to hang out with!

Keep your independence

Spending a lot of time together is a good thing as long as you both get to retain your sense of independence. Don’t stop hanging out with your friends, neglect your work or give up your hobbies and interests. These will give you things to talk about and you’ll learn how to respect each other better.

Be yourself

The worst thing you can do to get and keep the guy is to pretend you’re something you’re not! In time, he will always realize you’ve been playing a dishonest game with him. So, don’t try to mold your appearance and personality to fit his likes and just be yourself. If he doesn’t appreciate the real you, there are plenty of men who will!

As you can see, the best and easiest ways to keep your guy interested and engaged is to be confident, independent, caring and honest. Don’t take him and his actions for granted and stay true to yourself and your needs. This will keep him interested and itch to know what else you have to offer in the future!

This post is contributed by Diana Smith, she is a full-time mom of two beautiful girls interested topics related to home design and latest DIY projects. In her free time, she enjoys exercising and preparing healthy meals for her family.


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