Hello !!

Well, it looks like the time has finally come…I’m actually writing something on here. I had WordPress for about 1 month but I had no clue how any of this works but I suppose I will figure it out. Bear with me as I am learning to navigate around the site but for now here we are!
I won’t be ‘blogging’ about babies only. I sometimes forget that I am not just a Mum, I am Niharika too and I’ll be sharing bits about myself which may not be my daughter related! Before I had her my Instagram page was mainly photos of myself, my hubby and various holiday snaps. Now things have changed! I always said I wouldn’t be one of those mums that uploaded photos of their babies constantly. But I do now!
After months of toying around with the idea and never really have the guts to finally do so, I have decided to make a blog finally.
Once I have more energy to really focus I will start really setting up links and pages for the different things that I intend to have on here. Like maybe have a DIY section, Lifestyle section etc.
Why I am writing a blog????I am doing this only as a means of expression and entertainment.
I’m hoping I’ll be on a steady posting schedule so that I can still have nights to relax but I have a feeling this will become my new little obsession… 😛 So wish me good luck & all the best for future posts.


  1. Pradeep

    All the very best niharika

  2. Snigdha mukherjee

    Great initiative Niharika !! Looking forward to many wonderful write ups and creativity 😊Best wishes 💐👍

  3. Minal

    All the best sweety !! I will follow this religiously 🙂

  4. nandini

    hi all d best….. congratulations… for the blog

  5. Mayuree Pandya

    Perfectly written it’s a new beginning all d best dear

  6. Pankaj Mishra

    Good Luck Niharika!!

  7. Mamta

    hi niharika… n all d very best ..

  8. Sonam Tiwari

    Je Baat 🙂 Keep rocking my best wishes always <3

  9. niharikaroychoudhury

    thanks everyone for the wishes

    1. Sonam Tiwari

      How to build healthier relationships with devices…………. really a
      good topic and thanks for sharing .I am yet to become a mother still worth reading.Keep Rocking 🙂

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