Well, it looks like the time has finally come…I’m actually writing something on here. I had WordPress for about a month but I had no clue how any of this works but I suppose I will figure it out. Bear with me as I am learning to navigate around the site but for now here we are!

I won’t be ‘blogging’ about babies only. I at times fail to remember that I am not only a Mum, I am Niharika too and there are other aspects of me too. So I’ll be sharing bits with reference to myself that might not be my daughter related! Before I got her my Instagram page was for the most part photos of myself, my hubby and various holiday snaps. Now everything have transformed! I constantly use to say that I wouldn’t be one of those maa who upload photos of their babies always. But I do now!
After months of toying around with the idea and never really have the guts to finally do so, I have decided to make a blog finally.

Once I have more energy to really focus I will start really setting up links and pages for the different things that I intend to have on here. Like maybe have a DIY section, Lifestyle section etc.

Why I am writing a blog????I am doing this only as a means of expression and entertainment.
I’m hoping I’ll be on a steady posting schedule so that I can still have nights to relax but I have a feeling this will become my new little obsession…

😛 So wish me good luck & all the best for future posts.

Until next post!!

Hi there! I'm Niharika and this space is where I share my experiences. I am a movie lover, dreams of traveling the whole world, and finding the beauty in the everyday. So grab yourself a coffee, make yourself comfy, and I hope you enjoy your time here!
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