Happy International Women’s Day

Today, like me, everyone must have experienced their phone and social media accounts bombing with International Women’s Day messages and pictures. It always comes to me that why celebrate women on a certain day, why not every day? Here I may sound a little feminist but to begin with, can we all simply agree that we all are set to let our inner feminists radiate by this International Women’s Day? The answer is simple! It’s as awe-inspiring as it’s a time when folks of diverse upbringing and walks of life get together to rejoice womanhood, the crusade for women’s rights and the accomplishments of women.

This year was different for me, as I get to celebrate it with my fellow moms and teachers at my daughter’s playgroup (Little Millennium). It was a pleasure celebrating the day with such lovely ladies. I realized that it was also a great opportunity to teach kids of all ages about gender equality. Moreover, it’s significant since this year’s festivity is spot on stirred by the intense developments such as #TimesUp, #MeToo, and the Women’s March.

Why do we celebrate International Women’s day??

International Women’s Day is annually held to rejoice the economic, social, political and cultural accomplishments of women all the way through history moreover all over the world. March 8th, the day is as well marked as a call to action for stimulating gender parity. It is also referred to as the United Nations (UN) Day for Women’s Rights and International Peace. (BTW, does anyone knows that the International Men’s Day is also celebrated on November 19 each year)

This day is all about celebration, unity, advocacy and reflection. Several events are organized that might include conferences, seminars, luncheons, breakfasts or dinners. Lots of students in schools and colleges take part in special debates, lessons or presentations in relation to the value of women in society, their issues that affect them and influence. Several workplaces bring up special mentions about the day via internal notices or newsletters, otherwise by giving out promotional material centering on the day. The messages specified at these events very much focus on several themes like the importance of career opportunities and education, the representation of women in the media and innovation. The events and celebration are growing day by day.

Where women continued to remain victims of violence, with domestic violence and rape listed as top causes of death and disability amid women globally. Although, great improvements have been made. We do have female prime ministers and astronauts, school girls welcomed in the university, women could have a family and work as well, and most of all women have real choices now. But still, the circumstances are not in favor of women, which is why still claims are been made to have all the same rights and opportunities as men all over the world.  And therefore each year the world cheers women and rejoices their accomplishments.

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