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Handling Pressure from Other Parents

Parents often experience pressure from other parents, social media, as well as articles regarding parenting. No matter how much you prepare yourself for parenting, but majority of find ourselves difficult to stay afloat when we are in the parenting pool. Learning to handle the pressure and make the right parenting decisions for you can be confusing and often difficult to stay on tracks. BUT WHAT TRACKS. Most of us are made feel bad about self, for instance, similar to any other mom my parenting ways have been always questioned. Even though I am working from home, I have been asked who is taking care of my daughter while I am working??

We speak so much about kids and social expectations, however what about peer pressure from other parents?

Parents are always bombarded with guidance or counseled on what great parenting resembles, from spontaneous guidance while pregnancy as well as bringing up their kids. This constant flow of parenting hacks originates from expert opinions, social media, and even one another. Most of the time, we’re regularly immersed with value judgments. For instance, adopt an easygoing way and you’re a good-for-nothing.

Handling the Pressure

So how do we sort thru the hype and noise to work out what’s the best guidance for our family?

Well we need to surround ourselves with friends who build our confidence as a parent. Look for articles and books that line up with our personal values and feel uplifting and supportive.

Second, PLEASE AVOID JUDGING OTHER PARENTS. Below are some more true and tried tricks for handling parent peer pressure:

  • Think of what is significant to you as a parent. Ask yourself these questions: What are your values? What learning you want to impart your kid? What kind of environment you want at your home? Act accordingly!! Knowing what you want to accomplish keeps you concentered and don’t derailed by new activity or every trend.
  • Take a reasonable look at your budget and schedule. This is a hard one since as parents, we desire to give our kids everything. I have understood in past 3 years that our role as parent is to guide and nurture our kids to become a responsible and happy individuals, and not to pamper them with every whim. LISTENING IS IMPORTANT BUT THE DEMAND MUSt BE WITHIN VALUES AND BUDGET. So your neighborhood trend must be luxuriant, and catered birthday parties and lots more, you can decide to chase the trend – or not. Base your choice on what is logical and sensible for your family.
  • To know your child well, please trust your parental instincts. Other parents have broadly contrary views on everything from right screen timings to sleepovers to afterschool activities. As a parent, only you get to choose. You are the expert on your kid and your family’s requirements. It’s all right to say no to something which seems unwise or unsafe to you, even if that decision makes you temporarily unpopular with your child or other parents.

Our parenting abilities, skills, and values are determined by several aspects, comprising our personalities, our own childhood experiences, our available resources, and our children’s needs. THERE IS NO ONE CORRECT WAY TO PARENT.

How to answer to unasked parenting advice:

Thank you for your advice, but this works for my family.”

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  1. I love this post. Being judged by other parents and bringing up your child due with the pressure is the worst. Parents need to be confident and trust their instincts as you say, there is no one correct way to parent

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