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Have you been thinking about renovating your bathroom lately, but you just can’t decide which way to go? You lean as much towards the contemporary as you do towards the vintage elements, but you also can’t decide whether you should mix humble with the luxurious. The good news is that you don’t have to opt for just one of the choices, but you can mix it all together. Thanks to the amazing spectrum of possibilities an eclectic design offers, you can now mix and match various styles to create your very own unique bathroom.

Mix and match styles

Matching the old and the new is the first step to getting a perfect eclectic bathroom. If your current bathroom design leans more towards contemporary — featuring updated fixtures, smooth surfaces and clean lines — mixing in a classic, clawfoot tub or a rough-hewn, hand-distressed bench in unfinished natural wood would provide the perfect contrast. Traditional hardware or an archaic tub-filler mechanism could be the perfect final touch to the modern features. Furthermore, if you position a classic tub design on an angular modern stand, or enclose a pedestal sink basin in a contemporary looking cabinet scheme, your bathroom will have the ultimate eclectic feel.

By adding rustic or natural elements to your bathroom design, you’ll introduce a bit more of an eclectic feel to the room. Consider driftwood or unfinished natural wood for storage cabinets, benches or mirror frames and balance out the bright, light tile or countertops. If you’d like to add a bit of Victorian-era to your home, think about using the vanity as a practical piece of furniture that will easily offer a lot of additional space. Coffee-colored wood would fit in perfectly because it looks fabulous alongside white and yellow, which are common choices for tiles and bathroom floors in Sydney. To make a vanity more elegant, invest in nickel drawer pulls. If you opted for marble tiles and countertops, consider having walnut cabinets to create a contrast with the dark hues. Hammered metal accents and mirrors with metal frames would be the best choice for these cabinets.

Combine various textures

One of the reasons many Australians choose the eclectic style for their bathroom is that it allows you to experiment with textures and materials much more than any other typical bathroom style would. Combine matte and shiny, soft and hard, wood and stone and watch your Sydney bathroom blossom. While some things will seem brand new, others can have that rustic and worn out feel, which makes this style uniquely beautiful. Match a brand-new wicker basket with an old wooden chair with chipped paint to create the flawless eclectic feel. Think about putting together a wood-framed mirror and a metal-framed one, add shelves of different styles and colours to create the contrast between the walls and create more space for all the necessities. Furthermore, playing with different textures on your walls and floor can be a lot of fun, and allow you to design an outstanding vivacious eclectic bathroom. Put different styles on each side of the bathroom and watch the patterns and textures work perfectly. Finally, to complete the entire design, think about adding a rug that will add a completely new dimension to the space. Whether it’s a contrasting new colour, new texture, or new pattern, as long as it doesn’t clash with the rest of the decor, you should make it a part of your eclectic design and provide a nice focal point to the room.

Renovate the bathroom from scratch

When you can’t use your existing bathroom design as an inspiration or motivation to start working on a new one, you should consider renovating the room from scratch. Get rid of all the furniture, accessories and fixtures, and build a new bathroom. Considering that this can be quite an undertaking, you should hire a local company that offers custom bathroom renovations services in Sydney and have the job done perfectly. Think about building an entirely new rustic shower, and use carved logs as shower caddies for all the necessities and as a privacy screen. Incorporate natural stone tiles and exposed ceiling beams for the ultimate rustic ambiance. Alternatively, you can have a built-in angled bench in your new walk-in shower. A clear glass door in combination with pebble stone floor offer the perfect mixture of rustic and modern.

Accessorize uniquely

To give the room personality, you must enrich it with plenty of accessories. To reflect a natural theme of the bathroom, include soap and moisturizer dispensers, soap dishes, containers for toiletries and add more greens and browns to provide a good contrast to an overall design. Include artwork and photography from different historical eras to create a gallery wall-style display. Frames in different intermixing colours, drawings, paintings and black-and-white photography, will offer enough variety to your design that it will give your bathroom a true eclectic feel.

Mix and match different styles, patterns, textures and colours to get a one-of-a-kind bathroom. It’s always a good idea to experiment with styles, and colours, but be careful because while it can make for a great design, too many details can break the entire project.

This post is contributed by Diana Smith, she is a full-time mom of two beautiful girls interested in topics related to home design and latest DIY projects. In her free time, she enjoys exercising and preparing healthy meals for her family.

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