Flawless Wedding Photos: Makeup Tips for Every Bride-To-Be

If you want your wedding day to look good in your photos just as much as it looks perfect in your memory, you have to make sure your makeup is flawless and camera-ready at all times. However, getting that perfect look can be a bit tricky, especially if you don’t know these wedding makeup tips. But, if you study them well, you have nothing to be afraid of.

Have a rehearsal

Don’t leave anything to chance, but have a makeup trial at least once before your big day. If you’re planning to tan, have a test run to see how you look with your new skin tone.

Find good references

Check out as many images, find a few that you like and bring them with you to your makeup artist. Find elements of the look that you like, but also consider your skin tone and facial features. Even the best Sydney or New York makeup pros aren’t magicians and they can’t pull off every look you imagined.

Bring a splash of color

In order to compensate for the whiteness of your dress, you need to have enough color on your face. Your wedding look is not just your everyday style, so make sure to consider that difference when doing your makeup. Give your lips and cheeks a bit of glow and color!

Make your eyes pop

Make your eyes really stand out with some individual false lashes (they are super popular in Australia today). They are more subtle than a full strip and create a natural yet brilliant look. Nestle them between your existing lashes and accompany them with a little color correction and concealer under the eyes. To give your eyes an additional pop, finish your look with highlighter on the brow bone. Opting for a lighter shade in matte will subtly attract attention to your eyes.

Don’t forget to contour

Flash photography is quite tricky and can erase a lot of definition from your face. So, make sure to contour your face with a bit of bronzer that will make your face stricture defined and sharp. Pro tip: always opt for something matte since it will add depth to your face and make you look amazing in your photos.

Choose the right photographer

No matter how amazing your makeup is, if you have a bad photographer, none of this will matter. For instance, if you have your wedding in Australia where the sun can be relentless, a bad photographer might ruin your photos just as much as runny makeup. And even though Sydney has amazing wedding locations and hundreds of professional makeup artists, hiring the right person to handle your photography should be near the top of your wedding to-do list. Luckily, there are plenty of real pros at wedding photography in Sydney who know the right angles, placements and all of photography’s best-kept secrets. So, don’t hesitate to splurge on someone with experience.

Don’t overdo it

If you’ve chosen to treat yourself with professional makeup, don’t get carried away. Many women trust their makeup artist too much and go with every suggestion they propose. However, unless you’re best friends, there’s no way the artist will know your personal style or your preference. So, be cautious! You don’t want to show up at the altar and not even your spouse-to-be can recognize you. The best way to do your wedding makeup is to follow your everyday look and polish it to perfection. You don’t want to look like a stranger in your photos.

Stick to the basics

Don’t neglect the basic elements of your look. Beautiful and natural skin, well-groomed eyebrows and lush lashes are the most important. The other details will simply fall into place once your nail these basic factors.

These makeup tips will not only make your look perfect but also contribute to flawless wedding photographs you’ll cherish forever. And remember, stack up on blotting sheets and don’t forget to use waterproof mascara in case one or two happy tears escape your eye.

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