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Five Ways Motherhood Has Transformed Over the Years

When I became a mother, it became a huge part of me just like others, however, I realised that the job description of motherhood can be easily taken for granted, taking care of your kids, in whatsoever way you could. The particulars, though, are a bit trickier. As a matter of fact, the duties and meaning of being a mother have had seen great changes in the past years. Should mothers stay with their kids full time or work outside the home? Should mothers be praised just for being mothers? Does letting a child cry strengthen it or scar it?

The answers to these questions rely on the era wherein they’re asked. All over history worldwide, mothers have been acclaimed and demonized. Their instincts have been ruled and questioned always. And they are the ones feeling the most guilt upon themselves amid the periods where they spend the majority of time with their kids.

Read on 5 ways motherhood has changed over the years, Hope you’ll find it interesting:

1. More mommies have started working from as well as outside the home…

It’s without a doubt that more millennial mothers are bringing in a paycheck these days as compared to in the past. As many get the opportunity to back to their entitled job/role, due to lack of employment opportunities many millennial women(me included) are opting to stay at home with their children or choose to work from home.

2. Moms also spend more time with their kids

The reason if you may ask so is simply that they want to! This is one of the beautiful aspects of being a millennial woman as we are an empowered generation, yet we’re traditional too. Not only mothers, but even dads are also actually spending more time with their kids today as compared to in the past. And this increase happened because earlier mothers really spent very little time with their kids, due to the household chores. Today, moms spend less time on household chores as well as spend less time being engaging or alone with the chores…Thanks to technology!!!

3. All hail Dr. Spock

Like Dr. Benjamin Spock said to all the mothers, “Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do.” And through this, a perfection is born. Moms are doing everything and performing it well. The only rules are there are no rules!!!

4. The new #coolmom

Moms now feel empowered to raise their kids exactly as they want to raise them. They are choosing their own adventure for parenting their child. The perfect role of motherhood is not coming from books, magazines, blogs etc. There isn’t one expert since everybody is making themselves the expert. In the end, moms aren’t too young and helpless any longer.

Of course, there is still uncertainty and fear going into parenthood. No mother can completely set themselves up for what some would think about the World’s Toughest Job. Although in any case, we can push ahead with no judgment, with no bias, and with a little assistance from Google.

5. Except for other moms

Motherhood and guilt are anticipated to go hand-in-hand nowadays, when we stay at home, we fear we are not adding financially to the family or being/feeling relevant or concern over that kids won’t respect. When we go to work, we fuss over neglecting our kids. When individual feel terrific guilt for not able to do something they turn it outward becoming conceited and judging other moms far more unkindly than in the past, this has stemmed the mommy wars. Mom/Women have become their own worst enemy.

Well here’s a Mother’s Day gift for all mothers” “Everyone else believes you’re doing excellent so lighten up. Don’t be hard on yourself”. And those who still judge you, now you know why they are still judging you!!

Just Be Yourself!

Wish all you Beautiful Women a Very Happy Women’s Day!!

17 thoughts on “Five Ways Motherhood Has Transformed Over the Years

  1. Such a beautiful way to wish on Women’s Day.. I really loved this article! You have said it right that many of us take Motherhood for granted but in actual it is a challenging task. I wish all women understand that and love each other for that

  2. Agree! Nowadays Moms feel guilt in most of the situations. Either working or doing work from home or staying at home as a homemaker. We want to be perfect always but this is logically not possible every time.

  3. Indeed! Motherhood has changed over the years based on situation and lifestyle. Nowadays work options are unlimited for moms and they can do good sitting at home too!

  4. motherhood is surely challenging and surely keeps changing basis the lifestyle and situation we are in. it is good that moms are getting out and also opting for work from home options.

  5. That’s such a real post, motherhood has evolved over the years and it’s for good. Though everything has its ups and downs, but I am happy the way it has progressed.

  6. Motherhood is one job which looks same for all moms but working role and techniques may differ .. This is one of the best and never ending job!!

  7. The new age mom is focussed, has learnt a lot from trials and errors and most of all isn’t apologetic for every little thing she does for herself. Loved the points here.

  8. Indeed motherhood has changed and how…. women can make that decision now to work or work from home or be a a sahm

  9. So right. Motherhood has truly evolved over time. In recent times, it’s really great to see that mothers are in more control of the upbringing of their children. Mothers are more prudent and more aware now.

  10. I totally agree that motherhood has transformed a lot over the years and the good thing is the change is positive. Moms are smarter nowadays, they know what they want for their kids and for themselves. Loved reading your post!

  11. millenial moms are more informed and empowered and thats a good thing. My relation with my son is very different from what i had with my mom. we are more like friends.

  12. well said, basically there is no expert at all. We know that motherhood is not an easy deal but still we do our best to make the kid happy.

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