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Five Random Facts About Me

So something exciting happened and I with my Instagram friends (for now, this is the only terms I came up with because we never met personally) collaborated to encourage writing and thus the outcome is #bloggersbae. So for the next 14 days we will be participating in the #sweetnovemberblogchallenge where we will be sharing our writings on these topics:

I was looking forward to this topic the most because through this we will be able to know each other (hopefully will find a new circle of friends). I say we become more acquainted with one another much better, right? So in this liveliness of sharing, here are five random facts about me:

  1. Writing is something which interests me nowadays alot and challenges me the most (to sitand write about something is altogether a different challenge). Many peoplesay that blogging is a dying thing but accepting that is difficult for me. It has been over a year that I have started blogging but still find it difficult. Well, it’s a skill which doesn’t get the best overnight.
  2. I love reading books, watching movies(does binge watching can also include here!!!), driving, traveling, listening music(nowadays nursery rhymes) and a lot of other things which are not flashing on my mind. Here I can also add that I love my friends because I truly miss them and feel most confident and comfortable when I’m surrounded by them who without judging me just love and support me.
  3. I think I talk too fast and loud when I get super excited. I just don’t get people who are like sitting beside you and can have a full private conversation to another person on phone in a super slow voice. I have always thought of it as a great skill to learn. Tried…but failed!!! I just can’t!!! So you see that is why I am comfortable only with my friends.
  4. Well because of this nature I laugh aloud too(can’t help…and no apologies too for being so) and because of this had to experience an embarrassing moment at my husband’s friends home. But as they say ‘Kutteki dum, tedhi ki tedhi (“A dog’s tail is crooked forever”).
  5. I don’t give compliments unless I genuinely feel that you deserve it. I just cannot show off and please others. I might sound rude till you really get to know me. 

Well, thereyou have it!  Hope it was fun to read.You can also know more about me here and here. Please make sure you also leave some random fact about yourself in the comments section ;)!

11 thoughts on “Five Random Facts About Me

  1. I agree with you on point no. 4. I’m a soft spoken girl but when I start to laugh I’m uncontrollable and contagious.

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