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Finding Your Niche As A Social Media Influencer


Many individuals don’t understand it, however social media influencing is an exceptionally competitive game. Alright, you might not arm-wrestle with your fellow IGers, yet you are surely wrestling for the affection and attention of the audience.

These days, for instance, there are millions of active mommy bloggers worldwide and the topics covered by the majority of them are similar, so you are building your niche around this subject you have to stand out against them(which is pretty difficult as most of them are covered, just like this post too)

However, on the other hand, standing out from such a huge crowd doesn’t resolve the situation, especially with regards to convincing brands that you can act as significant in their marketing campaigns.

So just imagine a scenario in which you just got yourself a less crowded space!!

Searching for space

Building up your niche on social media via social media might have a significant effect on how brands see you as an influencer – and a potential advantage for their promotion. All things considered, brands (the smarter ones at least) are not searching for huge followers, however, the demonstrated capability to influence the audience to follow up on your suggestion.

This implies that an influencer in a subject where they have a lot of information, passion, and credibility among the sort of individuals who share the equivalent interest. That’s the reason brands (once more, simply the smart ones) look for to discover the influencer that speaks to the perfect relevant fit for their image. Sadly these brands exist just handful.

These brands often look for influencers from their following. All things considered, what better approach to build up authentic influencer association than to pick somebody who is already your loyal follower?

But are there any niches left?

The catchy part of determining a niche if there are any left, well, there aren’t inevitably very much left to grab. Just remember those Millions of mummy bloggers – and there are most likely equally huge numbers of individuals sharing their views on food, beauty, travel, fitness, and fashion. And even if you discover any niche apart from this, you be will be unique for sure, but then it kind of limits your appeal to the majority of brands.

The reality is that to be an engaging and authentic social media influencer, your theme demands to be something you could speak about in an inspiring and intelligent way. In other words, even if you don’t have a niche your niche finds you as a social media influencer.

So the thing I have learned over the years is to make sure you specialize. It’s important to concentrate on your most high-ranking topic – or at least only supplement it with relevant and related topics. It’s just making a point that you are building up individuality for yourself in your platforms. Moreover, assuring that everything you share conveys the values which are most imperative to you.

Now I know, this has not been a motherhood topic, that I need to write about, but I am pretty sure almost all of us are struggling to get the affection and engagement from our followers and audience on our social media platforms or websites. I hope this would be of some use or else at least a good read.

7 thoughts on “Finding Your Niche As A Social Media Influencer

  1. Yes I agree that your niche finds you. I liked the factors you have laid down- it should be a subject you can speak intelligently on and hence stand out.

  2. I couldn’t agree more. When j started blogging Instagram was so famous that I got caught in the hullabaloo. But I didn’t find satisfaction. Slowly I have realised blogger and influencer are completely different and finding the niche is the most important if we want to survive

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