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Easy Way to Celebrate First Birthday

So we are past 10 days in April, Already!! And soon my sweet little girl will turn two on 16th April. Over the last two years, she has amazed us in lot many ways. To tell you the truth I have been having mixed emotions, happiness, sadness and pride. I am thrilled as I see how much she have grown-up but some part of me still wants me to hold on to this moment a little bit more(can some just stop the time).

So while preparing for her birthday, I remembered her first birthday celebrations(you know how first birthdays are special). So last year, due to budget issues (we both were taking a break from work, bad timing I know!!Right) we decided not to celebrate it on a big level. So we decided that we’ll do all the preparations by ourselves, in which Google and Pinterest played a great role. So in this post, I’ll be sharing with you how to DIY celebrate your kids birthday within budget.

My Sister and I planned the whole thing and my husband and rest of the family members helped us execute everything. We were all dead tired, but we had our fun in that along with balancing a clingy one-year-old birthday girl. Here are the things that we did!

  • Invitations
Invitation Card

I made this card on Canva. It was of great help when it comes to crafting any poster, blog title, invitation cards etc.

  • Food Caterers

Food caterers were organized by my uncle and I guess everyone agreed that the food was delicious.

  • Theme & Decoration

Since my daughter loves the color “Yellow”. We kept the theme yellow. Also, the message through this color was to portray that she has revolved around the sun(which represents the color yellow) 365 days. We wanted to put up the backdrop on the terrace, but that day the weather was very airy so we ended up setting the backdrop in an open space within the building as Nagpur is very hot during April.

Nothing stood still that was one of the reasons I was upset about. I still regret if the setting was done on the terrace, we would had more space too. Anyways moving forward!!

The Preparations

We made a time capsule for Ira, which will be opened on her 18th Birthday. The pages with her hand-printed on were distributed to all the family member who put their thought and messages. Psssssttttt I read them, already. 😛

We couldn’t arrange for a black board, but Ira’s Masi’s (Aunties) made this with all their heart just before the function.

This backdrop was the hard work and labor of  all the massi’s and pishi’s(for those who dont know wha pishi(bengali version of bua, (aunties)) and mama(uncle). Phhhewww

We also bought different types of mustaches and eyebrows and others props to enjoy but the mustaches truly were a hit. It was fun to watch even grandpa’s to enjoy these mustaches.


Hope I didnt screwed it up!!! There can be a lot of things that could go wrong when you are doing it all on your own. Hey!!but to it is personalized and with family and friends pouring love from all over covers up all.

Yes! You will get tired! But the preparation is the main fun! It brings you more closer!

And then of course!! who does not love opening the gifts, even a one-year-old cannot hide the fun and excitement in opening them.

Well this is all from me! Hope I didn’t bore you….If you made it so far!!




  1. Natasha Malik

    Great Post!

    Lots of creative ideas for birthday celebrations. Happy Birthday to your lil princess 🙂

  2. First birthdays are sooo important and most remembered 🙂 My kids always ask about hearing stories or seeing photos from their first birthday! Beautiful job!

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