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DIY Wind Chime Idea To Try This Summer

Windchimes are the pleasant instruments, beautiful hanging pieces which lifts up the spirits and makes us feel magical and amazing. A lot of individuals are attracted to them, regardless of whether they don’t exactly know why. They enchant our senses and give a hint of something divine. I stumbled up this sentence while I was looking for windchimes quotes on the internet:

“Windchimes leave an ‘essence’ that reverberates to the core of our being as if something is activated in the depths of our soul – like hearing an ancient song or mystic call echoing in the wind.”

One of my most cherished dreams is to live near the coast. However, I am living far away from the coast. Ever since we planned our trip to Andaman Nicobar Islands, I was planning on to collect shells and died/dry corals. And with these, I had in mind to make a windchime. I decided to create a seashell wind chime from the ones that I picked up at the beaches. And when I finished it came out decent enough to share(I am trying being humble here so that I can get more praises).

So, if you don’t live by the beach…no worries! You can find them in stores too. I’d never prepared one before however figured it was pretty simple.

Okay, truth be told, I wasn’t sure whether this attempt will be successful or not. But that could have something to do with my original plan not working out as I envisioned.

Always fixable though. And it was.

I’m usually game to try anything creative ….at least once. ;). Also, it was just pretty do-able!

So this is how it goes

Step 1: Gather Materials and Tools

First gather up all of your tools, thread, scissors, shells/corals, beads(if you want to), anything sharp to make holes in the shells, (drill or a nail and a hammer.) and a branch. If you will be drilling, you will be needing more shells/corals than you think you would require, because you will probably brake a few. If you are wanting to make one with seashells, go for it!

Step 2: Thread on the Shells

Make hole in your shells very carefully. I didn’t required to make a whole because I am making it from corals, and the shells had holes in the already. Whatever works, right? You can beads also if you want. Make 5-6 strings, one a little longer than the rest. 

Step 3: Finish

Tie your strings of shells/corals on the wooden stick (you can also make a wire ring). If you have a large shell, you can use it as the top also. Take thread and tie to the top of the stick for something to hang from. If you want you can place on a hook to hang it from.

Hope you enjoyed it! If you did!! Give it a Goooo!!!

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