Deyga Product Review

With a growing preference towards organic products & ingredients, chemicals utilized in skincare products are no more considered to be secure for usage. One of the biggest benefits of organic ingredients as they can be effectively designed for different skin types. It’s been a couple of weeks that I’ve received products from Deyga and oh my!! I’m so glad to receive them.

Deyga offers several hair and skincare products. It believes in organic care for the body and only uses natural ingredients. Their handcrafted products, comprising promising ingredients have intrigued me.

I received three products from them, the first product that I instantly started using was the lip balm. Here are some facts about the product –




Beetroot Extract

Shea Butter

Avocado Oil

Almond Oil

Jojoba Oil


A simple small container with ring closure has made it easy to use. There is not much info on the container so for more info you might have to visit their website or social media.


Priced at Rs 290 for 20g, it seems to be on a slightly higher side compared to other lip balms that I’ve previously used. However, the slightest amount of the balm gets all the work done and stays on your lips for a longer time, so no complaints!


It has a lovely dark pinkish-red shade just like the color of the beetroot but doesn’t get transferred easily. Moreover, it goes very well with my skin color.


Although, the company claims no added fragrance or color to it; however it smells of the natural ingredients present in the product. When I first opened the box, it smells like a coconut oil/beeswax-like aroma, but it is not overwhelming and disappears within a few seconds after applying.

My Experience

I have been using the Deyga Beetroot Lip Balm for around a month now. It leaves naturally soft, nourished, and moisturized lips.

It spreads over the lips effortlessly and leaves a lustrous shine. I have realized that it keeps my lips smooth and hydrated for around 3-4 hours without making them seem oily. It also works well as a base under lipstick.

The durability is pretty great as compared to other lip balms available in the market. It stays on for some time even after drinking water.

One of the best part of this beetroot lip balm is that it does not include petroleum jelly. While the shelf life is shorter, just eight months, but lesser shelf life also means lesser preservatives, which is a key characteristic.

Overall, it is an excellent lip balm, if you are looking for moisturizing the lips during the day. I felt, it works better if used at night rather than day.




Pure Aloe Vera

Vettiver Hydrosol

Guar Gum

Vegetable Glycerin

Natural Preservatives (COSMOS APPROVED)


The packaging of the turmeric healing face mask comes in light recycled yellow container/jar with a lid on top in impressive packaging. I liked the face mask packaging as it has neat fonts and attractive colors.


Priced at MRP- Rs.600/- for 100 ml. Deyga organics turmeric healing face mask does seem pricy, however just like the beetroot balm after use I realized it works really well on the skin and in minimum quantity. So again no complaints.


The face mask is perfectly yellow in color. The perfect yellow might be the presence of natural turmeric in the gel as the brand claims that it has no added color. All the products of the brand are made in India.


As mentioned earlier, the brand does not use any color, fragrance, and added preservatives. However, I realized that it has a little turmeric fragrance.

My Experience

Deyga turmeric healing face mask is an ideal product for acne-prone skin or any type of skin. It is a soothing face mask. My skin tone is uneven and the gel mask works fine as remedial. I have not got any acne after the use and it lightens the dark spots too.

The mask is further great for fine lines and aging. The gel mask starts to show the result slowly and works on all the spots, acne, pigmentation, and brings a natural glow to the skin.

The only downside of the gel mask is if you apply it more than the recommended time, you might see a hint of yellowness on the face due to the turmeric ingredient. This is not a problem and can be cleaned with a repeat face wash.

I’ll definitely recommend Deyga turmeric healing face mask to all those who are seeking an organic gel mask. This turmeric gel mask is best suited for all skin types. It is one of the top products in the skincare category by Deyga organics besides it really works well.



Steam Distilled Basil


The packaging is a transparent plastic spray bottle with a plastic cap. It appears simple yet works like magic. The see-through packaging also tells how much of the toner is left. Also Because of the spray bottle, the product does not waste at all. This makes it travel-friendly too.


Priced at 400/- Rs for 100 ml, it helps to nourish and repair the skin. You can buy two units of toner at 720/- Rs. It is a 100% chemical-free product specially formulated for acne-prone skin.


The toner is transparent and is loaded with anti-oxidants which are great for the skin and keep it free from acne.


The toner has a refreshing natural basil fragrance. It suits sensitive skin and I couldn’t really experience any cons of this product.

My Experience

Also known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties basil helps to suppress acne and redness. The Deyga Basil Toner is prepared of pure distilled basil. It can be sprayed directly on your skin or use cotton to wipe off the direct or makeup.

I am not really a toner person, and the only toner I have used earlier was a blue toner by Ayur. The basil toner has a cooling effect on the screen and leaves smooth skin. I had mild acne before, and after using it leaves refreshing skin.

The best part is you can use this toner as a face pack thinner. I noticed that performance of the same face pack that I was using earlier was enhanced after utilizing it.

The tonner helped to hydrate the skin and improve the appearance. It removes impurities from the pores keeping the skin fresh and healthy, especially in the summer.

A fun fact that I learned using this toner is the best time to use it is when you are still in the restroom and your face is semi-damp. I am really happy with this one.

Overall these products are 100% pure, sustainable, cruelty-free, safe for any skin type, and handcrafted with love and traditional recipes. So by now, you must have got an idea, about Degya and I hope my review would have cleared few questions.

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