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8th Oct 2020

Dear Diary!

Today is one of the first day that I have started writing this e- kindda diary, for my own personal sake!


Because these COVID times have triggered a lot of negativity in my behavior which I definitely don’t intend to keep inside. Call it a rant or casual talk or simply just skip it! But I’ll be here whenever I will feeling good-bad.

I have read and heard so many times, that maintaining a journal helps a lot psychologically. As I am writing it down it, I intend not to hurt anyone’s feeling, in fact, a way towards working on my own issues and channelizing positivity.

New York-based clinical psychologist, author of Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids, and parenting coach, Laura Markham in the context of Writing down/journaling says “The more you can express your emotions honestly, the less likely you will accumulate anger. This deeper level of self-care goes way beyond a bath or a massage.”

And its true!

As I am writing this down, I have become conscious of my thoughts and already in the process of identifying the neglecting feeling that I have been suppressing.

Today, I actually realized that Mom rage is a thing! And it must not be neglected. I completely understand that I am not the only mom in this situation, but it is a less discussed topic for conversation or mom influencers covers on social media.

I have realized that even if you have family and friends moms struggle alone as they feel ashamed. Look at me, even I am writing here because I know very few people are going to read it.

Another reason for doing this is because I have begun saying this to me that my daughter deserve a better version of me.

I am intending to take small steps, the first thing I will do is I will begin with proper sleep or will get more sleep.

So that’s all from me for today !! Sharing below some other articles to help you if you are reading this!

See you soon!!

B-bye until then.

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