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Choosing the Perfect Swimming Pool for Your Home

Choosing the Perfect Swimming Pool for Your Home

Summer heat can ruin your vacation unless you have a proper cool oasis at your home to help you refresh every day. This is especially true if you don’t travel to the seaside each year, and even more so if your hometown doesn’t have a nice beach where you can swim and enjoy the waves. Hence, you need to invest in a swimming pool, if you have large enough a backyard. The choices vary, and we’re here to help you pick out the best pool for your home.

Concrete, fibreglass, or vinyl

Concrete, vinyl and fibreglass pools are the three choices you can pick out from when it comes to the material the pool is made of. While concrete pools are the most popular, their price is rather high. This is why they’re not the best option for those who plan to decorate on a budget. However, concrete pools can be perfectly customized to suit the shape and size of your yard. You can choose Roman swimming pools, the Lazy-L shape, Grecian pools or maybe free forms, to make it fit into your backyard just the way you’ve imagined it. 3 months is the approximate time it takes to build a concrete pool, but it’s nevertheless the strongest of all the materials. Moreover, you can update, enlarge, refinish and rebuild it whenever you get bored with the first design.

If you don’t have big enough a budget for a concrete swimming pool, a fibreglass pool can be a perfect alternative. Not only are they affordable, but modern fibreglass pools also have a smooth gel-coat finish that will last for years to come. Another good side of fibreglass pools is that they use fewer chemicals than concrete pools, due to their nonporous finish. However, you should pick this type of the pool only if you have a lot of space in the backyard. The delivery and installation require a crane, which won’t be able to fit into a small yard and it will only make the installation difficult.

Vinyl pools are almost as popular as concrete ones, and every pool is constructed of a one-piece flexible liner that fits into an excavated hole. Later, that’s attached to an aluminium or steel-framed wall to get the perfect vinyl pool. Unlike concrete pools, which come in numerous shapes and sizes, vinyl pools come in a limited number of sizes and shapes. If you opt for this type of pool, you should know that they mostly come in L-shape. It takes between one and three weeks to install a vinyl pool, which makes them perfect for those who need a pool on short notice. One important thing you should keep in mind is that vinyl pools are quite fragile, so try not to keep pointy toys and sharp objects inside or the liner might puncture.

Chlorine or saltwater

Maintaining a clean swimming pool is always essential, so you should think whether you want to fill it with chlorine or saltwater. Saline or saltwater is convenient for families who don’t have the time to think about frequent pool cleaning. Salt produces chlorine on its own, so you won’t have to schedule maintenance assessments every week. Chlorine is a much more affordable option, since it doesn’t require expensive instalment. However, you’ll be facing a much more complex cleaning routine if you opt for chlorine.

Having a swimming pool in your yard is a perfect way to offer some refreshment and relaxation to yourself and your family during hot months. Nevertheless, once you decide you want to have a swimming pool, make sure you have all the facts in check before you opt for a certain pool design and maintenance options.

Authors Bio: Diana Smith is a full time mom of two beautiful girls interested topics related to home design and latest DIY projects. In her free time she enjoys exercising and preparing healthy meals for her family.

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