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Choosing Right School for Your Child

Once your kid enters or finishes pre-school (that is also known as kindergarten, daycare, and playschool), parents’ nightmare begins as they start their hunt for the best school. And for some anxious parents, it already began while taking admission in preschool. Finding the best school parents leaves no stone unturned because the right school for your kid can make all the difference in her or his successful academic career.

The good news is that there are several choices in education beyond public school nowadays. The bad news is that loads of choices often leave parents in a dilemma (including me) over how to decide the best atmosphere for their kids. It is imperative to know what to look for in a school to assure your kid gets the best possible education as per the specific requirements.

For some parents, the choice is easy that their kid goes to the local public school.

So the question remains the same how to find a good fit?

I learned that finding the best learning atmosphere for the kid begins with the parent themselves. They need to ask self first:

  • What you need your kid to learn (level of academic difficulty, specific subject matter,)
  • How your kid learns best (special learning style, challenges)
  • What are the social requirements (level of contact with peers)
  • Practical things (extracurricular activities, scheduling, etc.)

The next and the foremost aspect to keep in mind is to make sure your kids safety

  • Physical safety
  • Psychosocial safety
  • School transportation and safety
  • Background verification of staff
  • Visitor management system

Public or Private

Since government schools offer fewer facilities in contrast to private schools, such as lack of teaching faculty, poor student to teacher ratio, poor infrastructure, overloading of teachers with miscellaneous works, low education standards of teachers, lack of dedication from teachers, corruption in all affairs of the primary school, political interference in the administration, lack of concern of state government in providing quality education, absence of basic amenities such as electricity and water in such schools, etc has lead parents to opt for private schools. Although, there are some government schools which are offering better curriculum, extracurricular activities, and learning styles at affordable fees structure.

Private schools are changing the educational environment and provide the benefit of smaller classes so teachers could provide better individual consideration, access to resources such as computers, supplies, and books. Discipline is inculcated in the kids at an early stage in private schools. On the other hand, private schools are more expensive, kids attending school from high-class background often puts stress on middle-class kids since they feel they have to maintain that standard, religious emphasis sometimes provides a limited scope of extracurricular activities.

Once you have listed out the features you want in the school your child attends. These are the following steps you can take to finalize the process

  • Visiting the school to see meet staff and faculty and classrooms
  • Prepare some questions to ask the teachers and principal beforehand such as How are behavior problems handled at the school?, How are teachers supported and trained?
  • Existing student’s parents can always give you feedback about the school.
  • One-on-one meetings with the principal could also clear your doubts.
  • If possible, check out a PTA meeting

Once the information is collected and assessed, the point is to select the school which you and your kid feel best about him attending because of their choice matters after all.

I hope, with these tips in mind, you are now poised to make a confident choice for the best education for your kid. 

This blog post is a part of blogchatterA2Z Challenge 2020. I hope you enjoyed the read, do share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section.

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9 thoughts on “Choosing Right School for Your Child

  1. choosing a right school is the second most important decision after vaccination that parents take on behalf of kids. You have share pretty important points while choosing the school.

  2. Great tips and I am sure it will help a lot to parents selecting right school for their kids. for me, pre visit to school is one of the most important thing to know about the staff and facilities.

  3. My son is already in school but your pointers are a good guide for making that difficult choice.

  4. This is amazing research and tips. I know that private schools are super expensive and with these steps and pointers I would definitely be able to decide accordingly. Great details dear

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