Something I Can’t Live Without

This is a great question that I believe everyone should ask oneself. It really made me think what would happen if I get stranded on an Island or on a deserted Island! In addition, it made me want to know what my closed ones and friends think. So I twisted the question a little bit […]

About the City, I am Currently Living

So currently I am living in the cleanest city-Indore. I first came to Indore when I represented my school (from Chhidwara) in Handball. Although I never imagined myself living here, I always thought I will end up living in Pune, Mumbai or somewhere in the south(Bangalore, Hyderabad), but my husband has great devotion for this […]

From My Bucket List

Life is fun every day at our school or school days, as we relish them with our friends in various ways. Nevertheless, one fine day things begin to change. We land in a position as a profession. We get engaged and married – have kids. The difficulties in dealing with people in our lives begin. […]

Five Random Facts About Me

So something exciting happened and I with my Instagram friends (for now, this is the only terms I came up with because we never met personally) collaborated to encourage writing and thus the outcome is #bloggersbae. So for the next 14 days we will be participating in the #sweetnovemberblogchallenge where we will be sharing our writings […]

Seven Ways to Get More Website Traffic via Social Media

There are many websites that use social media as their primary source of traffic. While it is not always easy to maintain a flow of traffic from social media to your website, with enough effort it can be done. Creating an audience on social media is often the challenge at the very beginning especially if […]

Best Things to Do in Dubai with Kids

Dubai is like a land of entertainment for kids, with the ultimate in theme parks, water parks and fun galore in every direction.  For a kid, it’s like heaven on earth. Dubai is usually hot, and waterparks are all the rage among tourists with kids. There’s the fantastic Aquaventure Waterpark for instance, and the White […]

A Lifetime Adventure: Buying Your First Home

You finally decided to take a leap and buy your first home. While it’s an exciting experience, there are also many things that you need to think about, but don’t worry – you can do all that it takes to get the keys for the most perfect home on the planet. Money and mortgage First […]

Funny Things Only Parents Say

When you become a parent, a whole new world is put in front of you. On a regular basis or I must say an HOURLY BASIS no let me correct myself again on FEW MINUTES BASIS, you hear these sentences coming out from your mouth OUT LOUD which you would have never thought you would […]

Best Things About Summers

I have spent a considerable amount of time in Nagpur that has tropical savannah climate with the sun shining vibrant and the climate is dry for the most part of the year. Because of this, I feel on the whole myself when the temperature begins to rise — there’s something simply amazing about summer!!!! So, […]

My One Year Blog Anniversary

It was rightly said by Nikos Kazantzakis, Saint Francis “It is impossible for me to remember how many days or weeks went by in this way. Time is round, and it rolls quickly.” One year ago, when I hit the publish button for my first blog, I had butterflies in my belly. It did cross my […]

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