Frozen 2 Movie Review

Frozen 2 is now playing out in your nearest cinemas halls and yesterday, I got the chance to watch this much-awaited Disney movie which released around six years after Frozen. With the infamous voice cast – Idina Menzel – Elsa, Kristen Bell – Anna, Josh Gad – Olaf and Jonathan Groff – Kristoff, the story […]

Tots-To-Teens – Monsoon Popup 2

Tots-To-Teens is a one-stop destination for Edutainment events curated for Little Tots to Teenagers. I attended this day event a few days back and got the opportunity to learn about the second edition of the immensely successful Monsoon Pop-Up – Exclusive Exhibition for Moms & Kids. While meeting some wonder mommies from Indore, the event […]

Four places to visit this Summer on the East Coast of the USA

With its heavy winters and terrible snow storms, summer is definitely the best time to visit the USA’s East Coast. In fact, if you’re renting a car in any of the major cities, it’s quite easy to drive from one place to the next, and the views make for an unforgettable road trip. Whether you’re […]

5 Fun and Healthy Kids Snack Ideas

As the clock strikes five in the evening, the kids of the houses start craving for snacks. And just because it is snack time, we end up assuming it’s time to eat unhealthy food. But that shouldn’t be the case.  It is always a good idea to indulge in healthy snacks. So, here I have brought […]

Seven Best Places to Visit in Port Blair

Port Blair is a stunning picturesque capital city of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The city has mouth-watering food and dazzling beaches, and it additionally provides tours for wildlife enthusiasts. The place also reminds you of the historical backdrop of the island as well. There are many places which are not discovered yet by tourists […]

DIY Wind Chime Idea To Try This Summer

Windchimes are the pleasant instruments, beautiful hanging pieces which lifts up the spirits and makes us feel magical and amazing. A lot of individuals are attracted to them, regardless of whether they don’t exactly know why. They enchant our senses and give a hint of something divine. I stumbled up this sentence while I was […]

Are you a Good Listener?

Hellooo? Are you there? OKAY, now put your phone down and let me try this again. Are you a good listener? Nearly everyone of us will say “Yeah, of course!” After that, we may follow that up with, “Wait a sec…what did you say?” If the aforementioned conversation has happened to you earlier, the don’t […]


If you can’t recount by the name of today’s post, I recently turned 32 on 7th January!! I am excited to be taking another trip around the sun and so thankful to be able to celebrate another birthday. As I have stated in my earlier post that I am having an extended visit to my […]

My Winter Care Routine

“Winter is Coming” I never really liked this phrase but became afan of this phrase after watching Game of Thrones. Anyways, with the arrival ofwinter means a change in weather, wardrobe, food as well as skin and hair careroutine. Flaky, dry and sometimes itchy skin are the common problems weexperience during winters(don’t wanna get into […]

Photo Bombed

Those who don’t know what photo bombing are here is some Wikipedia ka gyan for you. Photo bombing is spoiling a photograph of a thing or person by accidentally appearing in the camera’s view area as the picture is taken, normally as a practical joke or prank. With the ongoing November blog challenge, in which […]

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