Products That I Have Stopped Using After Becoming A Mom

We live in the infomercial era. We are vulnerable users and are guided to believe that something is wrong with us if we don’t use a product or resemble a supermodel or celebrity, and that there is something we could buy to fix no matter what is “wrong” with us. Worldwide, there are several companies […]

New Ways to Work From Home in COVID-19 Situation?

The COVID-19 outbreak has led to many individuals. So you may be reflecting upon how I stay productive at home. For decades, work from home has been on the rise in several organizations. Some offer employment as a benefit to workers for the balance that is greater. And now, millions of individuals worldwide have lately […]

Handling Pressure from Other Parents

Parents often experience pressure from other parents, social media, as well as articles regarding parenting. No matter how much you prepare yourself for parenting, but majority of find ourselves difficult to stay afloat when we are in the parenting pool. Learning to handle the pressure and make the right parenting decisions for you can be […]

Why Getting Your Toddler to Share Is a Waste of Time

Taking turns can be difficult at first. Do you remember that beautiful white top you never wanted to share with your sister? Or the lipstick that was too special to part with? Whatsoever your prized possession was, it was difficult giving that stuff to someone else. So is the case with kids. Our toddler’s playroom […]

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