A Shitty Day!!

Yesterday, I wasn’t the mum I want to be. I was angry, unsympathetic, frustrated and of course, mean. My own complexity managing transitions (as my husband is on tour for few days and I am all alone to take care of my baby) and the pressure of parenting-managing the house chores- balancing work finally got […]

30 Life Lessons I Learned From My Mom

The moment I look at my little girl, I ultimately understand now how my mother felt about me plus I feel soooo lucky… You never understand just how much you have learned from your mom until you stop and apprehend she’s very much the backbone of all your values, habits and idiosyncrasies. You also by […]


Since past four weeks, it has been a hell HELL lot of road trips. I am not sure about my husband and daughter but I do not want to even see my car even from my balcony. There is nothing horrible than a toddler scream TODDLER SCREAMING in the car, even if you need to […]

500 days of Motherhood

The day our baby completes one year is always an exciting one and we look forward to it. And with that, all dreading also comes and goes. My baby girl turned one-year-old in April 2017. It was the time to celebrate her 1st and I didn’t realize that that was my 1st year of motherhood […]

Dear MoM Trust Your Instints

To All New Moms, As we approach my little girls the sixteenth month, I’ve been considering the things that I’ve learned in the course of recent months. After becoming a parent, there are certainly many things to learn and adapt. You are bound to hop right in and should rapidly take in the logical knacks. […]

Six Approaches For Busy Moms on Making Time to Blog

Finding out time to blog is something that each blogger tussle with. Regardless of whether you have recently started or blogging as a hobby, blogging is to some degree somewhat a part-time job. However for a significant number of you blogging is a full time business but still juggling work, home and a social life […]

I Can’t Wait Until…    

There are very few parents (including myself) that haven’t muttered the words “I can’t wait until…” The sentence ends with various milestones: …they are sleeping through the night …they are walking …they are done teething …they are off the bottle …they are potty-trained …they drop their naps …they can get ready by themselves …And the […]

Road Tripping With Your Little One

To grandma’s house!! Here we go!! And then we found ourselves in the car for 5 whole hours. My husband and I always love to take road trips even before having our daughter. But our love for travel doesn’t stop there, we took around 8-9 road trips to our parents place apart from train journeys(flight […]

Why we Shouldn’t Compare Ourselves With Others

In this time of the Internet and the online networking, comparing ourselves with others has never been less demanding. The only thing we need to do is simply log on any social media platform to see what our friends are doing, or what they’re looking like, and we can compare them and our own lives. […]

14 Reasons Babies Makes You go Awwww

Like every other mum in the world I too waited nine months for my daughter and certainly, it was worth the wait. There was a sky full of feelings running through me when I took her in my hand for the first time. I had mixed feelings thrilled, overwhelmed, anxious, jumpy(well physically couldn’t because I […]

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