Zooming In On Small Moments

Well, it’s late at night, but it gives me immense pleasure to have finally completed my BlogchatterA2Z challenge through this post. Well be the title itself you must have guessed by now that I will be sharing some moments with you guys. And You Are Right!! The little things? The little moments? They aren’t little. […]

Very Important Life Hacks For Moms

There’s an explanation for why everybody says being a parent is the hardest job you’ll ever love. As it’s true! However, it doesn’t have to be. Lighten up the burden of your tough job with a very fun but important life hacks for moms and dads too. You could thank me later. •          Get the […]

Unique, Cool and Crazy Parenting Styles

So, what sort of parent would you say you are anyway? No one truly asks someone a question like that. It appears that these days everything requires some kind of analysis, label, or recognizing mark. When did parents stopped being simply parents, and gone under the comparison and scrutiny of every other person? Several researches […]

Best TV Series For Moms To Binge-Watch And Enjoy

Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Hotstar(Disney+), etc you know where I am getting right! These have suddenly become part of our daily lives. We scroll down and browse with these apps with N numbers of options available to watch!! And after browsing over half n hour, sometimes you lose the urge to watch anything at all. […]

Stay At Home Moms And Lockdown

In the previous few weeks, the nation has stood together in solidarity to demonstrate our admiration and respect for the ‘COVID-19 Warriors’, which incorporate healthcare workers and those occupied with other essential services. These individuals have voluntarily relinquished their wellbeing and security to guarantee that we don’t experience the ill effects of the virus. Nonetheless, […]

Seven Facts About Relationships And Setting Boundaries That You Might Have Not Considered

If I ask if in a given circumstance whom you will choose your partner or your kid, what will be your answer? Well, of course, kid!! Right!! They are our life, and we couldn’t live without them!! Now fast forward twenty and thirty years, your little one is independent now and now has a family […]

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