Five Ways Motherhood Has Transformed Over the Years

When I became a mother, it became a huge part of me just like others, however, I realised that the job description of motherhood can be easily taken for granted, taking care of your kids, in whatsoever way you could. The particulars, though, are a bit trickier. As a matter of fact, the duties and […]


Very little is needed to make a happy life. An I am grateful for all the little things in my life, be it a smile on my daughters face or us laughing insanely on silly things, learning every day more and more about self and about my daughter or knowing that my parents are living […]

Preparing Children for Success in Future

Every child is born with some or the other qualities. We often seem to see those which societal influence has fed in our mind over a period of time and more or less ignore those which child inherits or learns from surroundings. That is how we assess how intelligent or smart is our child and […]

Funny Things Only Parents Say

When you become a parent, a whole new world is put in front of you. On a regular basis or I must say an HOURLY BASIS no let me correct myself again on FEW MINUTES BASIS, you hear these sentences coming out from your mouth OUT LOUD which you would have never thought you would […]

Seven Essential Things Every Woman Must Know About Herself

A woman plays a great many roles in her lifetime. Being an ambitious daughter, beloved lover, multitasking homemaker, a super busy working woman and above all a loving mother defines you. You attend various classes, get all the knowledge about healthy food you can gather up from the internet (counting the WhatsApp ka gyan), eat […]

Cesarean Awareness Month

April is the Cesarean Awareness Month that intends to educate and increase awareness about cesareans. This awareness campaign stands for a decrease in the figure of cesareans in mothers (which is high all over the world and especially in India) who do not require or who will not do good from this method in contrast […]

Ira’s Second Birthday Party

I did an almost big birthday party when my daughter turned one but this time on her second birthday, I decided to call only close family and friends (those who were in the city, because my husband’s relatives and my relatives all like in other cities and I missed them big time). But as always […]

Grandparents and Their Grand Kids

My daughter will be experiencing her first summer vacation (already!!! I mean c’mon she is just about to be 2!! What we were doing when we were 2) as she has started going to the settlers program before joining playgroup from the coming June. Although she was recently visited by her paternal grandparents, now the […]

Happy International Women’s Day

Today, like me, everyone must have experienced their phone and social media accounts bombing with International Women’s Day messages and pictures. It always comes to me that why celebrate women on a certain day, why not every day? Here I may sound a little feminist but to begin with, can we all simply agree that […]

My Favorite Mom’s- Instagram Accounts

Like I have said earlier I love Instagram. I love the fact that it has touched so many lives and influencing many like me. Although I ‘m not posting much I love getting inspired by and interacting with these wonderful people on Instagram. I still need to perfect the feeds that are arguably the most […]

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