My One Year Blog Anniversary

It was rightly said by Nikos Kazantzakis, Saint Francis “It is impossible for me to remember how many days or weeks went by in this way. Time is round, and it rolls quickly.” One year ago, when I hit the publish button for my first blog, I had butterflies in my belly. It did cross my […]

Ira’s Second Birthday Party

I did an almost big birthday party when my daughter turned one but this time on her second birthday, I decided to call only close family and friends (those who were in the city, because my husband’s relatives and my relatives all like in other cities and I missed them big time). But as always […]

My Anti-Bucket List: 7 Things I Hope to Never Do Before I Die

“Deciding what not to do is as important as deciding what to do”.- Steve Jobs We spend a remarkable bit of our life planning and arranging things to be done at a particular time, at a specific age(like getting married have kids, why so much fuss about it still don’t understand) and demoralize defining limits […]

My Top 10 Favourite Film-Action/Adventure

I am a big movie lover! Yes, I am! If someone will ask me “What sort of movies do you like?” The answer which could be expected are I enjoy action adventure a lot but I’m totally into romantic comedies, I love drama and also science fiction and yes I like to watch animated movies […]

Grandparents and Their Grand Kids

My daughter will be experiencing her first summer vacation (already!!! I mean c’mon she is just about to be 2!! What we were doing when we were 2) as she has started going to the settlers program before joining playgroup from the coming June. Although she was recently visited by her paternal grandparents, now the […]

Happy International Women’s Day

Today, like me, everyone must have experienced their phone and social media accounts bombing with International Women’s Day messages and pictures. It always comes to me that why celebrate women on a certain day, why not every day? Here I may sound a little feminist but to begin with, can we all simply agree that […]

My Favorite Mom’s- Instagram Accounts

Like I have said earlier I love Instagram. I love the fact that it has touched so many lives and influencing many like me. Although I ‘m not posting much I love getting inspired by and interacting with these wonderful people on Instagram. I still need to perfect the feeds that are arguably the most […]

It’s been a long time…

Happy New Year everyone! It’s been pretty a long time while you’ve heard from me… So I should say now Happy January!! And this is sort of an apology/regret post and welcoming 2018… I’m a little late (it is 15 days only! So come on!! And it’s my birthday month too!! So cut me some […]

#Instagramed-Things You Should Do Now So That You Don’t Regret Later

In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take. – Anonymous We have a tendency to go through life with scores of regrets, or stuffs we think we should be regretting, bearing in mind what others tell us. But, no matter what your father, mother, brother, sister, BFF, husband or whoever else told […]

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