Seven Facts About Scuba Diving That Will Make You Think Twice

It is safe to say that we all have dreamt of flying, however underwater, Noo Not Really!! We all have seen documentaries of the amazing underwater marine life. But when asked to experience it personally, most of us take a step back to contemplate or refuse. However, once you find yourself offshore in the middle […]

Places to Visit in Neil Island

Imagine a sight of exquisite white sandy beach with corals and shells along with turquoise blue seas. Offering gorgeous and secluded beaches, it is a perfect honeymoon destination. Yes!! It’s all there in Neil Island, presently known as Shaheed Dweep, Andamans. The Island contains only five towns, with a populace of around 4000 individuals. Neil […]

Tots-To-Teens – Monsoon Popup 2

Tots-To-Teens is a one-stop destination for Edutainment events curated for Little Tots to Teenagers. I attended this day event a few days back and got the opportunity to learn about the second edition of the immensely successful Monsoon Pop-Up – Exclusive Exhibition for Moms & Kids. While meeting some wonder mommies from Indore, the event […]

DIY Wind Chime Idea To Try This Summer

Windchimes are the pleasant instruments, beautiful hanging pieces which lifts up the spirits and makes us feel magical and amazing. A lot of individuals are attracted to them, regardless of whether they don’t exactly know why. They enchant our senses and give a hint of something divine. I stumbled up this sentence while I was […]

Places Near Indore – Janapav

Janapav is also known as Janapav Kuti is one of the famous tourist place situated on the top of a mountain in Mhow close by the village of Janapav Kuti. The place is approximately 45 kilometers from Indore city and took us around 1.5 to 2 hours drive on the Indore Mumbai highway, close to […]

Are you a Good Listener?

Hellooo? Are you there? OKAY, now put your phone down and let me try this again. Are you a good listener? Nearly everyone of us will say “Yeah, of course!” After that, we may follow that up with, “Wait a sec…what did you say?” If the aforementioned conversation has happened to you earlier, the don’t […]

Five Ways Motherhood Has Transformed Over the Years

When I became a mother, it became a huge part of me just like others, however, I realised that the job description of motherhood can be easily taken for granted, taking care of your kids, in whatsoever way you could. The particulars, though, are a bit trickier. As a matter of fact, the duties and […]


If you can’t recount by the name of today’s post, I recently turned 32 on 7th January!! I am excited to be taking another trip around the sun and so thankful to be able to celebrate another birthday. As I have stated in my earlier post that I am having an extended visit to my […]

Weekend Recap: Travelling, New Years and Family

2018, for me, ended feeling more content. The weekend began with the feeling of visiting my parents to an extension of the visit. BTW this post was lying in my drafts since last Sunday and finally today I got the chance to post it. Since a lot happened over the weekend, I’m gonna share this […]


Very little is needed to make a happy life. An I am grateful for all the little things in my life, be it a smile on my daughters face or us laughing insanely on silly things, learning every day more and more about self and about my daughter or knowing that my parents are living […]

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