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Biggest Wedding Trends for 2019

Even though the year 2019 still hasn’t begun, trust me that now is the perfect time to start planning your 2019 wedding. And just like home décor and fashion, weddings also have new trends every season that just keeps getting better. The upcoming season is bringing you some exciting details and surprises you should definitely check, and try out.

Before we hop on to the subject, this post is contributed by Diana Smith, she is a full time mom of two beautiful girls interested topics related to home design and latest DIY projects. In her free time she enjoys exercising and preparing healthy meals for her family. Here is what she has to say:

Practical wedding gown

Modern brides today rather prioritize comfort over aesthetics. That is why we now have things like pocketed dresses, which offer them the option of keeping some valuables close, and adjustable dresses that can be luxurious-looking with huge trains that canlater be tucked or pinned to the dress and make it more practical for dancingand moving around.

In other words, designers have finally realized that the most important day of your life isn’t just about looking perfect in every single moment, but also about enjoying every moment completely carefree.

Minimalistic elegance

If you followed the last season’s trends, you probably remember that everything revolved around ‘naked cakes’, and this season, it will be all about ‘naked dresses’. Designers took the inspiration from Duchess Meghan’s royal wedding dress and instead of glitz and glam, the high fashion gowns will be completely minimalistic in order to turn the focus to the bride’s beauty. Some minimal lacework and beading will be more than enough. We can say that the word ‘simple’ is now transformed into ‘sophisticated’.

A pop of color

The popularity of this trend is growing in all spheres of fashion, and especially in the fashion and wedding industry. A pop of color allows both of you to incorporate your own distinct personalities into your special day designs. And they don’t necessarily have tobe bold in order to make an impact. It really is all about those small details that are quiet but still effective. Ditch the old ‘all-white’ vibe and find your individual styles with the help of different color schemes. For example, how cool would it be if you had a pink and peach bouquet to go with your white gown? And Mediterranean blue details on guest tables? And what about peach and mint combination? Or even violet with ruby and crimson? Your possibilities are endless.

Arriving in style

Is your dream to arrive at your wedding day in some beast of a car? Same! Unfortunately, not everyone canafford those bad boys. So what can you do to arrive in style? Two words – car hire. This is getting more and more popular each year, and in 2019, everyone will come to their receptions in Rollies, Beamers and Lambos. Aussies, for example, have been all about this trend for quite a while now, and they have countless car hire companies already, but there is one company called Queen Street Wedding & Car Hire that stands out the most since the majority of people hire wedding cars for their special occasions from them. If you are from Australia, you should definitely check them out.


Even the birds know that eco-friendliness is a lot more than a fashion trend, and even the wedding industry took notice. Next season, expect a rise in eco-friendly occasions with replantable flowers, minimal plastic and organic menus.


Drones and video mapping may seem like something that better suits a Sci-Fi movie rather than weddings, but trust me on this one, such technologies are already infiltrated in the matrimonial sphere, and there are more and more couples that employ drones totake some stunning and memorable snaps of their special day.

And that would be it. What do you think about these trends? Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comment section below.

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