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The Best Ways to Light Up Your Closet

As Albert Einstein once said, ” Out of clutter find simplicity”.

So is this post about.

Here is another wonderful post from Diana Smith who is a full-time mom of two beautiful girls interested topics related to home design and latest DIY projects. In her free time, she enjoys exercising and preparing healthy meals for her family.

In this post, she’ll be sharing with us about ways we can enhance our storage spaces whether it is rooms or closets. So once again handing this post space over to Diana.–

We always feel like we need more space in our storage rooms and closets. Considering those are the rooms we keep our belongings and wardrobe in if we want to know our way around it and don’t want to have trouble quickly finding what we need, good lighting is essential. From LED lights to several smart lighting solutions, there’s a variety of ways in which you can light up your closet or storage room.

Natural light

Natural light is by far the best source of light for your home. Starting from the living room, through the kitchen and even to the storage room or closet, the more natural light you have, the better (and the less electricity you’ll have to spend, too). Therefore, installing a bigger window or adding an extra one are some of the possible solutions. If your storage room happens to be in the basement, consider moving it to some other place of the house with more natural light. You’ll be able to have a clearer picture of how you actually look in that outfit you’ve been trying on if you see yourself in daylight.

Bright colours

If you have enough natural light in the room, try playing with the colors of the walls, floors and furniture to make the room visually bigger and brighter. White walls and floors will reflect most of the light, which will instantly make the room brighter without the use of light bulbs, chandeliers or lamps. However, if there isn’t plenty of natural light inside, an over-the-top fixture with multiple light sources can be a good solution. Consider installing a crystal chandelier to add not only high wattage but a bit of drama as well. Using high-gloss white paint on your walls, shelves and drawers can be a good trick that will make the light bounce off the surfaces and make the room brighter and more inviting.

Track lighting

Large track lighting fixtures on each side of a walk-in closet or storage room can perfectly light up space, allowing you to have a clear view of all your belongings or wardrobe. If you opt for the ones with adjustable heads, you’ll have the opportunity to point the light at any direction you want and make those dark corners bright. Make the most of your track lighting and invest in high-watt LED bulbs for a clean white glow.

LED lighting solutions

LED sensor lighting that turns on and off as you open and close the closet or storage room door is one of the best lighting solutions. However, these sensor lights can be tricky to install, so make sure you hire a professional electrician that will install them properly and safely. LED lights are both cost-effective and more efficient than incandescent lights, so make sure you take them into consideration when it comes to your closet or storage room.

Lighting amongst closet organizers

Closet organizers are an amazing solution for your wardrobe, but if you don’t have proper lighting in your closet, you won’t be able to make the most of them. Therefore, install lighting inside the organizers just like the light under the kitchen cabinets. Not only will the lighting among coset organizers make the closet brighter, but it will add a certain upscale feel to it as well.

Good lighting will offer you a better view of your wardrobe and all your belongings in your storage room, so it’s imperative that you tend to it properly. Whether you go for natural lighting, install LED lights or opt for some other smart solution, make sure the one you choose will make your closet or storage a welcome place to come in and always provide you with a clear view.




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