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Best TV Series For Moms To Binge-Watch And Enjoy

Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Hotstar(Disney+), etc you know where I am getting right! These have suddenly become part of our daily lives. We scroll down and browse with these apps with N numbers of options available to watch!! And after browsing over half n hour, sometimes you lose the urge to watch anything at all. With limited time on our hand, that half n hour is not worth it. So let me just ease out things for you, and share some of the best TV series to binge-watch and enjoy.

So without further ado, here are some series that I watched that will make you laugh, cry and remember how great life used to be and will be again

1.        Game of Thrones

This drama series will transport you to the mythical land of Westeros. Amazing storytelling and character development together with great visuals. Each frame is a work of art, and nearly every frame is a masterpiece. In general, this show is just beyond compare. I just hope its prequel would be as good as it has been.

2.        The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is as awesome and exciting as its title. With every season the whole team has just leveled up, adding more layers to the characters and making them more interesting and lovable. I really can’t wait for season four(if there is any).

3.        Better Things

Now this one is especially for moms. Although the show has gotten mixed reviews, I would suggest you see the series, I have laughed and cried watching this show, spending time with these characters. The show is brutally honest, such as dealing with annoying kids (being teenagers), adults here are seriously flawed, just like in real life. Moreover, thank you, Pamela Adlon, for the story !! You deserve an Emmy just for that!

4.        Big Little Lies

This is one of the top dramas I have come across. The great influential cast is what excites me majorly as there is nothing more fulfilling to a woman than seeing another bunch of amazing, talented & beautiful women runs a superb show like this. It is empowering, charming, and leaves a strong message to the audience about parenthood, marriage, and friendship.

5.        Killing Eve

This British drama, spy, thriller, dark comedy series unbelievably remarkable. As you will start the first episode, you will not stop, even my husband binged watched it with me. Morally, it’s not right to be okay to sympathize with a psychopath yet Villanelle makes you do so! Jodie Comer steals and shines in every scene she’s in and Fiona Shaw is mesmerizing as usual.

Now I can go on and on and on…this list will never stop. But If you liked this, I will share more TV series or movies to binge-watch. Right now I just can’t get over Vijay Deverakonda (heart heart heart) performance in Dear Comrade.

I hope you will enjoy these series and if you have already seen them, do share in the comments section about it. Also, I would love your suggestions too. I am now looking forward to seeing Extraction and in TV series – The Crown and This is Us.

What’s on your to be watch list?

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