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Best Things About Summers

I have spent a considerable amount of time in Nagpur that has tropical savannah climate with the sun shining vibrant and the climate is dry for the most part of the year. Because of this, I feel on the whole myself when the temperature begins to rise — there’s something simply amazing about summer!!!!

So, in keenness of one of my favorite season, sharing here for what I describe as the most amazing things regarding summer:

Early Mornings

Waking up early in the morning in winters are difficult as it makes us lazy, however, it’s not the same in summers, so if you are a health enthusiast summers makes it easy to follow a healthy regime.

Longer Days

It’s more or less like the temperature is forcing us to stay all indoors for the duration of the summer. Moreover, it’s good because with all the planned get-togethers and vacations we will need those additional daylight hours.

Long Beautiful Evenings

The evening sky is a striking exhibit of nature’s beauty. Also, additional time to hang outside. Of all the things, my favorite is summer evenings. They have got an apparent spell.

Linen and Cotton

It’s at last time to shake off those sweaters and heavy coats. Drawing out linen dresses, cotton tees, and shorts could make you feel lighter right away.

Ice Cream and All Those Juicy Veggies and Fruits

Of course, you can have ice cream at whichever time of the year, however, in some manner, it isn’t as pleasing and enjoyable as when you enjoy it on a hot summer day. Besides, who needs real food when you have these delicious frozen treats which keep you cool? Mangoes, Watermelons, muskmelons, berries, peaches, etc, the market is filled with exciting produce. The savory and sweet salads, okra’s, etc variety is everywhere and how can I forget the chilled fresh juices and shakes like Nimboo Pani(lemonade), aampanna, mojitos etc.


Summers are the ideal period for family vacations, camping, hiking, picnics, road trips you name it, this is the perfect time of the year to hit the road.

Beaches, Lakes and Other Large Bodies of Water

Whether you like city pool, river, lake or the ocean to submerge yourself entirely in water feels therapeutic. It is quite an experience cooling off on a hot day in a big body of water.

Apart from these, there are many other benefits too such as a glow in the skin and weight loss. The sweat keeps the pores of the skin open and it appears more glowing and clear. And for those who want to lose weight, in summers you mostly rely on liquids, unlike winters you don’t overeat. Thus even if you try not to lose, you will wind up losing weight.

Well, I know a whole bunch of people are out there who are not a fan of summer(including my husband) but remember the fun we had during the summer break, as adults we can have our own way to have fun. Here I must say the one more good part about summer is that it ends with a MONSOON!!!

Do let me know, how you feel about the post in the comments section.

Until next post!!

Enjoy the rest of the summer days!!

6 thoughts on “Best Things About Summers

  1. Totally agree! Summer is my favorite season of the year. I love going out early in the morning and simply enjoy the sun. It is also the best time to hit the beach.

    Because of this post — I am now craving for some ice cream. 🙂

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