Best Things About Monsoon

As clouds begin covering the sky and make the sun hide behind them, the surroundings get an altogether different shade of greenery and get highlighted more than ever. The temperature is neither too cold nor too hot; it is simply great. The monsoon brings in with it lovely raindrops and rainbows beyond any doubt to satisfy all of our senses. The aroma of the dry earth that has been quite recently been sizzled by first rain – monsoon has its own untellable delights, regardless of whether it accompanies irritants like long jams on the road, humidity and other interruption of the routine of life.

Therefore, in the fanaticism of one of my favorite season, sharing here the most amazing things about the monsoon:

Travel cheap, very cheap!

Yes!! Most of the accommodations all around the world are available at discounts. A fewer crowd gives you more privacy to do whatever you feel like!

Ride or walk in the rains

Sharing one of my driving experience during rain!
Sharing one of my driving experience during rain!

If you don’t mind the tiny drops of rain splashing across your face when you whiz thru the wind, the green and the lush grass, the singing birds, the swinging trees, the soothing breeze are a few of the temptations only a few can avoid. The hostellers will understand this feeling more, I guess!!

Hot Tea and Samosas/Pakoras

The time comes to a standstill as you drink a cup of tea, particularly adrak tea, whilst watching the rain and it tastes even better with hot pakoras or bhajiyas/ samosa. The taste of this combination is so different in the monsoon in contrast to other seasons.

The first drop of rain touches the ground

The aroma of dust after the first rain is not liked by a handful. And when it happens, romance spreads all around and changes our lookout on everything. It also makes an ideal scene for dance in the rain. This is why most Bollywood romantic movies include rain. As kids we used to do it more often (when I was staying at PG we enjoyed a lot during the monsoon), but why we limit ourselves as we grow up!!

Hostel memories of monsoon 

Catching up with hobbies and interests

On our way to Lonalava 

Books, listening to music, painting, photography etc. it cuts you off from the social media and the world and encourages you to spend time with yourself. The joy of reading, painting listening to music is very different. And I think most of us who love this season must have tried their hand on photography so does every professional photographer.


Kids love it the most and grownups secretly admire it. One of the most impressive nature’s miracle, it simply just lifts up the spirit.


You get the chance to sort out your thoughts by thinking for hours cozied up in your bed about your life plans, friends, school/college/office, kids. You gear yourself for the challenges ahead.

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Until next post!!

Enjoy the rest of the monsoon days!!

14 thoughts on “Best Things About Monsoon

  1. A great post. I never thought there would be things to like about the monsoon. In the movies, all you see is sheets of rain. All you think about is the destruction that the rains bring. But you’ve painted a pretty picture about the great things about monsoons. Thanks for sharing.

  2. You definitely shared the positives of what could be a rather damp situation! I find if I embrace the rainy season instead of fight it, I enjoy it more. Tea, books, blankets, museums…there certainly are lots of things that can be enjoyed.

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