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Benefits of Being a Work at Home Mom

Society has been always ready to tag the “working mother,” and the “stay at home mom” however the “work at home mom” is seldom mentioned. At one point in our motherhood, probably we all have faced an unspoken ultimatum: give up your career and be a stay-at-home mom, else be a working mom and abandon time with your kid. It seemed that we had only two options–raising kids full-time and give over your energy to educate and care for them, or finding childcare via outside resources or family members.

Each kind of motherhood yields its rewards and calls for its sacrifices. Either way, you’ll have to cease your career or hobby in your life. Else those who went back to work were struggling to cope up. However, times are changing now and working from home option has surfaced.

For which, the internet, and technology had made it easier. This option, helped mothers to devote time to care for the kids while using the time to work. The best part is easy to switch back and forth, as and when you need, and reaping gains in both areas. Well everyone knows the work benefits such as:

  • A Continued Career Path
  • A Sense of Productivity and Pride
  • Supplementing Income While Reducing Costs
  • An Opportunity to Spend Critical Moments with Children
  • A Chance to See the Big Moments such as first words, first steps, etc.
  • A Break When it’s Needed
  • Enjoying the Best of Both Worlds

However, the coin has another side too –

  • Can sometimes feel like trapped and experience different kind of stress levels
  • You’re never alone
  • Miss the interaction with co-workers, bringing in a paycheck, satisfaction of doing a good job, and also getting dressed up for work
  • Create a bubble & isolate your kids and yourself from the outside world
  • May feel like it all falls on you as you feel super stressed to keep up with everything while raising your kid
  • Employers still consider you as someone who quit her job
  • Your social circle may reduce
  • Your days are planned out so well that you could easily feel like you’re in a pothole.

And a special mention to the acquirement of bad eating habits. Since you are setting up your schedule which involves breaks and as many kids eat all day long, it takes a lot of self – awareness to uphold healthy eating habits.

So whether it’s SAHM or WAHM, the choice is simply yours. Being a mom is the most crucial role of all, but moms who like working must have the opportunity to earn and balance caregiving. Since I am WAHM, I personally find it a feasible and smarter option that lets you work from home. I find it less intimidating in contrast to a regular office job and you can give time to take care of your kid.

If you make up your mind to be a working mother, make a point that you have a good support system, to steer clear of getting stressed. But the most important thing, in both scenarios, is to allow yourself to enjoy and give out some ‘me time’ to unwind on your own.

This blog post is a part of blogchattera2z challenge 2020. I hope you enjoyed the post. I would love to know about your thoughts regarding the post, please do share it in the comments section.

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11 thoughts on “Benefits of Being a Work at Home Mom

  1. Loved reading your post Niharika. I quit my job when my son was born. He is 3.5 years old now. I am planning to start work from home. Your post is very helpful

  2. I strongly believe in the benefits of being a WFH mom- I also make sure that I go out for events and things, so I don’t miss the company of colleagues etc!

  3. WFH option is picking up a lot. It gives us an opportunity to stay in touch with our career and at the same time we can be at home. But it is definitely challenging.

  4. Have experienced all 3 phases – working, sahm and wfh – every role has it’s challenges and benefits. We need to find a balance what suits our arrangement best.

  5. Ha ha. I agree to the guilt but not to the point where you mentioned reduced social circle. Infact after kids I have realised I am making more friends so that my son can make friends. Funny but true.

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