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Avengers – The End Game

So after a year-long wait, Avengers Endgame released all over the world and the veil is finally lifted. Subsequent to more than a decade old series of cinematic storytelling, the finale/22nd film in this unprecedented movie series beautifully delivers what it promised at the very beginning with the most lasting fictional characters.

Although Marvel Cinematic Universe will go on adding more films to the series, however, if Endgame was truly the last chapter, it was all worthy as it is one of the most successful, important, and decade-significant series in the history of cinema( beforehand I believe Star Wars had that).

Wrapping up the extravagant Avenger series in a 3-hour long gala, it had the right balance of drama, emotional impact, humor, action, etc along with showcasing all the female superheroes in one frame(one of the remarkable scenes pulled out by the directors ). After the Infinity War’s dreadfully infamous Thanos snap and half of the world’s population reduced to ashes including some of the superheroes, the loss appeared to be irreversible and irreparable.

This supersized classic storyline not only refreshes your memories of the past 21 movies but breaks your heart a few times, it also makes you understand that it’s not always Happily Ever After!! There could have been a lot of things that could have gone wrong but because of the crystal and crisp narrative clarity, the storyline hits the target.

One last cameo of Stan Lee will make you realize again that this was really the Endgame. The movie is likely to give you hope and revival. The movie is not simply a finale of a superhero film series. It is the conclusion of age for the ones who grew up with these relatable broken down, confused, absolutely imperfect superheroes. Although these superhero powers are flawed, however, their performances are unflawed. Black Widow, Hawkeye, Ant-Man, Captain America, Hulk and non-other than Iron Man surely gets their respective standout scene that will make you nervously wait for what next!!

But maybe the most significant piece for the fan that the movie offers – The Post Credit Scenes – was something which isn’t there. For the very first time in a Marvel movie, there are no post-credit to get a clue what’s yet to come in the series, apart from a supposed sound or audio that sounded like pieces of metals being struck together or hammered. The magnificence of “Endgame” dwells in the fact that it’s actually an ending.

With the Avengers in addition to Game of Thrones saga finishing up this year, the mind shapers of a decade old common uniting culture are impelling their fans to cope up with facts of closure, absence and to some extent loss (which only a fan can understand and not in an addictive manner)  that will probably leave their fans feeling lost at best, gloomy at worst. It’s undertaking the difficult, required work of teaching fans grew on never-ending stories… How to Say Goodbye!!!

15 thoughts on “Avengers – The End Game

  1. I absolutely loved the movie too, and though I hate to say goodbye, I feel it was a fitting end to a riveting series.

  2. Avengers is my favourite movie series and the endgame was the most awaited one. I just loved the movie but sad that there would be no more

  3. My husband is crazy for GOT, I haven’t watched any episodes yet but after reading and listening so much about it, I think I am going to watch it at last.

  4. We loved watching it, we took our little one along and she enjoyed it too. We all sat through all the credits just to see the post-credit scene

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