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Music is food for the soul. It has healing powers and helps you to reconnect with yourself. And for those who are passionate about it, it’s the only thing that gives them the courage to take risks and fly high. Oscar-winning music composer, A. R. Rahman is one such person who has worshipped music all his life and now he is all set to inspire everyone with his upcoming movie Atkan Chatkan as a producer as well as the music composer. The movie is all set to stream on the OTT platform Zee5 originals on teacher’s day this year, i.e 5th September.


The movie is set on a heartwarming tale on the friendship of four kids and their dream and passion for music. Guddu, a chai delivery boy loves singing. While he is busy living his monotonous life, the idea of forming a street band strikes him. He along with his 3 friends forms a band and later decides to participate in a musical competition. The story further progresses with the competition which will be interesting to see how it unfolds. The movie is not just about a musical competition but it’s about friendship, hope, and kids who dream big and work hard to fulfill them. It is going to be exciting to watch these characters following the path of #DreamItLiveIt.


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The lead characters of the movie are all very talented and renowned child artists. Lydian Nadhaswaram is an A. R. Rahman protégé holds the title of the world’s best pianist and was recently interviewed by Ellen Degeneres. All characters especially the kids in the movie are also very talented in real life. Sachin Chaudhary as Chuttan, Deepak as Mithi, and Yash Rane as Madhav are the other lead character in the film.


Apart from a beautiful storyline, the movie has talented artists, an award-winning production ensemble, and some amazing and national award winner singers. Apart from music composition presented by Mr. A.R Rahman, celebrated percussionist Shivamani has also lent seven music in the film. Several talented singers are roped in such as Sonu Nigam, Hariharan, Runa Rizvi, and child singer Uttara Unnikrishnan  (National Award winner) . Also, Amitabh Bacchan has lent his voice in the movie.


I being a huge fan of AR Rahman Sir’s work, waiting for the movie to release once the trailer was launched and Mr. Rahman also shared on his social media account. The trailer has quirky quotes/dialogues which are also probably going to be the highlight of the film. After watching the trailer, I believe the movie will leave us a lot to take in and introspect within.

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So, ‘Atkan Chatkan’ has a lot in store for the audience and is one of the most awaited movies on ZEE 5. Do check out the trailer and watch the film #AtkanChatkanOnZEE5 to discover whether these kids will be able to accomplish their dreams by performing on the biggest platform or will the street stays as their only chance of hope! All the best to the team Atkan Chatkan

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