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Are you a Good Listener?

Hellooo? Are you there?

OKAY, now put your phone down and let me try this again.

Are you a good listener?

Nearly everyone of us will say “Yeah, of course!”

After that, we may follow that up with, “Wait a sec…what did you say?”

If the aforementioned conversation has happened to you earlier, the don’t worry, you’re not alone. Before I go further, let me just clarify that I am also no expert in LISTENING and also admit that I can also be distracted. For example, the other day I was talking to my boss over the phone and my daughter decided that she would sit on my lap and chat nonstop.

At the same time, my someone knocked at the door. After becoming a mother I have acquired this superpower that helped me to block out those distractions as well as they were minor in contrast to what some individuals have put up with at work, particularly in open concept offices.

I know that we all like to be good listeners, however it could be hard with so many distractions. However, becoming a good listener is one of those skills you could not at all work on enough & one that would always pay back you in your career and private life.

Here are a few tips you can try, if you want to improve your listening skills-

1. Making it a priority. 

You will by no means become a good listener if you will not actually work at it. This might sound strange, yet I’m not discussing about just hearing  somebody – I’m literary talking of listening. This implies when someone starts talking, you quit composing aa messaging or email. Relax!! Take a deep breath to loosen up your and afterward completely tune into what the individual is saying. Being a toddler mother, this is surely going to help a lot. You should do this each and every time.

2. Don’t interrupt. 

This is almost impracticable for a lot of people; however it’s like hoisting a red flag that says: “Not listening!” 

3.  Don’t hijack the sentence. 

You might not think of being rude when you complete somebody’s sentence – it might be that you’re just excited also wish for joining the conversation. Except you’re not a mind reader, and you in no way know with 100% sureness what somebody is likely to say to you. So, let the individual finish her or his sentence with none of your inputs. Also, it’s impolite and snaps up the conversation off from the talker.

4. Tune in. 

Aforementioned earlier, you have to totally tune in to the other person in a conversation. Individuals who are believed to be very charming are known for totally concentrating on whosoever is talking to them. To these individuals, it looks like if nobody else exists. So, stop seeing around or else checking or speaking your phone or watching out of the window or TV.

5. Repeat.

So as to turn out to be a better listener, summarise what you’ve listened when the person is completed talking to you. In this manner, you make sure that you listened information evidently and comprehend the context. This is a step which is critical to ascertaining your skills evolve so that you’re accurately on the way to becoming a good listener.

Have you discovered any steps that have aided you be a good listener?

What other strategies can somebody take to become a better listener?

That’s all for now!! Happy Listening!!!

15 thoughts on “Are you a Good Listener?

  1. *Don’t Interrupt* is the only thing one need to practice to be a good listener.. I am still practicing it? .

    By the way, this is a good article to share with my husband who always interrupt before I even complete the sentence… Lol… So I am defintely sharing with him and other friends who can relate to this:)

  2. Very thought provoking post that makes oneself think. I definitely tend to interrupt especially when serious topics are being discussed or a debate in on. Something I need to improve!

  3. You have made me rethink about it. I thought I am a good listener but im not. Thanks for shating the tips. Will follow definitely

  4. It’s very important to be a good listener specially with kids. They tend to ask a lot of questions and listening to them means a lot for them. I like the tips you have mentioned.

  5. Listening has become a rare skill in this noisy world, where everyone talks and screams. But when you talk, you typically don’t learn anything new. Listening is powerful because it teaches us how other people think. Listening enriches us with new ideas, insights and compassion.

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