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Andaman Trip Itinerary for the First Timers

It is a once in a lifetime experience, holidaying in Andaman & Nicobar Islands. Although Nicobar is not open for tourism Andaman carries some stunning marine life and amazing natural beauty. Ever since we planned this holiday I was eager to share my thoughts and experience about this gorgeous place. We didn’t book any travel package and planned the whole trip ourselves (of course with the help of lots of articles and videos shared by many bloggers and vloggers). So I thought of sharing the rough itinerary so that our experience might help the first timers to plan a good vacation and help them to change their view and look beyond “Goa”. Our real journey begins on 17th April 2019 with a lot of enthusiasm

Day 0-1

We started from Indore to Hyderabad, we stayed for a night and then on 17th April we boarded our flight to Port Blair. The flight duration was around 3- 4 hrs and we witnessed the beautifully scattered islands, a view never to be missed. We checked in at The Golders Creek (homestay). Had lunch at the nearest restaurant (the name we don’t remember) booked a bike for rent. The rest of the day went like this:

  • City site-seeing, Cellular Jail
  • Visit Corbyn’s Cove beach
  • Dinner at The Golders Creek 

Day 2

After having breakfast we visited Munda Pahad, Chidiya Tapu and Biological Park Chidiyatapu. Where we were told not to enter the water since it is a crocodile prone area. On our way back we had lunch at Season – A multi-cuisine restaurant. We came back to the room, rested for a few hours and then went off to Wandoor Beach for Sunset.

Day 3

We took an early morning ferry to Neil Island officially called Shaheed Island, it took 2 hours to reach the island. The rest of the day followed like this:

  • Site Seeing and covering the top beaches Laxmanpur, Bharatpur and Natural Bridge/Howrah Bridge beach
  • Lunch at a small restaurant near the port(couldn’t remember the name)
  • Arrival at Havelock – Check in at Moonlit Sands
  • Rest, dinner and booked Eco Divers for Scuba Diving

Day 4

We left early morning for Scuba Diving, although we planned for the whole day for that we finished early at 11:00 am only so we decided to have lunch at the world famous Radhanagar Beach(Voted as Asia’s Best Beach).

  • Spend the rest of the day at the beach, eat at nearby stalls
  • Dinner at the market

Day 5

Next day we visited and relaxed at the Kalapathar beach. We also visited a local village called Krishna Nagar on the bike only, check out the rest that we could, had lunch at a local restaurant near the port and then left for Port Blair.

Day 6

Although we planned for Baratang (btang) we came to know that the limestone caves remains closed on Monday so made a minor change and visited Ross Island and North Bay. We strolled over the North Bay beach, the lighthouse was closed for entry so we decided to have lunch and then head back to our room.

Day 7

Again we left early morning to Baratang, it was also a lifetime experience which I will surely describe in another blog. Later we spent the evening at Marina Park and Aberdeen Bazaar.

Day 8

We had the whole morning to ourselves, preparing ourselves to fly back to the mainland.

Some Pointers

  • If you are planning to go during the season, you should book everything previously, how if you are visiting off-season, you can do the booking on arrival. As the hotels do give you rooms at decent prices.
  • Carry cash with you as card don’t work in the majority of the places. There are lots of ATM’s also in case you run out of cash.
  • Mobile network is awful there, so for those who are looking for digital detox…this is the place for you.
  • Carry a camera and if possible a tripod and selfie stick with you to capture beautiful moments.
  • Sunscreen, sunglasses, cap, medicines, mosquito repellents are a must.
  • As the sun comes up early in the morning(good daylight by 5-5:30 am) late risers can miss out or will have limited time, since we can cover most of the places max by 4:00 pm.
  • Party lovers this is not the place for you…if you want to reconnect yourself and with nature, I am pretty sure you will fall in love with the place.

Must Visit places that we missed

  • Lighthouse
  • Chatham Saw Mill
  • Elephanta Beach in Havelock
  • Middle and North Andaman as I think there are a lot of places to visit which the tourists have not visited/covered yet but the locals did!!

Hope to visit the place again and cover these places. I hope this itinerary will help a little to plan your holiday.

I hope you liked the blog, as in the upcoming blogs I will be covering in detail the places I visited.

13 thoughts on “Andaman Trip Itinerary for the First Timers

  1. I hope to visit Andaman & Nicobar soon and I will bookmark your post for when I do. Lovely pictures!

  2. I visited Andaman last year with my family and really these places that you mentioned are definitely worth visiting. You covered everything.

  3. Andaman has been in our soon-to-be travel list since forever. reading your post, I so want to visit it soon. Saving this for our future travel. 🙂

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