Activities to Make Oral Hygiene Fun for Kids

Is your child 3 years old? How many teeth he /she has? Ever taken your kid to a pediatric dentist near you for oral a checkup? This is the time when – as a parent – you can develop healthy oral care habits in your child. Early dental care is important for kids as it helps your child understand the benefits of oral hygiene and inspires them to take care of their teeth. Thus, we can use many engaging activities and experiences to make dental care a fun for them, and share experiences that enable them to follow the absolute oral hygiene.

Following is the list of activities to make brushing and flossing ‘fun’ for kids:

  • Egg Activity 

Place a hardboiled egg in a glass jug full of vinegar and ask your kid what will be the outcome of the same. After 3 days, remove the egg from the jug and let your child observe it. In case your child observes that the eggshell is partially destroyed, then explain to him/her that the eggshell protects the entire egg in the same way as the brushing and flossing does for the teeth. And, the same thing can happen to the teeth if not properly taken care of.

  • Painting is Fun 

Take a white chart paper and cut it down into big tooth shapes. Paint few of the tooth shapes in yellow. Now, show these paper tooth to your child and make them understand how the colour of teeth changes from white to yellow if one do not brush the teeth ‘twice’ daily.

  • Apple Activity

In this activity, take an apple and ask your child to pretend that it’s a tooth. All you need to do is poke a hole into the apple using a stick. Now, tell your child that this hole is a cavity that develops in the teeth if we do not brush and floss daily. Moreover, you can further explain to them the importance of eating healthy food; and how junk food causes cavities in our gums and teeth.

  • Dramatic Role Play

For this activity, you need to buy a doctor set or dentist set for your kid. And, you will also require a chair, and a white shirt to be used as a dentist coat. Let your child become a dentist and you yourself be a patient. Lie back on a chair and let your kid examine your teeth and check if they are healthy or not. This activity makes your child understand the importance of dental checkups and make them more comfortable in their visits to a dentist.

  • Picture Book

Does your child go to a pre-school? This is the right time to buy a picture book on ‘Healthy Teeth and Brushing’ or ‘Teeth & Tooth Fairy’ for him/her. With the help of this picture book, you can teeth your child about dental hygiene and encourage them to brush their teeth. Such books also help prepare your kids for their first trip to the pediatric dentist.

So, what are you waiting for? Make oral hygiene fun and exciting for your kids. Go and try the above activities to inspire your kids to brush and floss daily. As a parent, you have to be more careful about your kid’s teeth. Go online, look for a pediatric dentist near me and get your child a proper check-up every six months.

 Author Bio: Sawoni Chowdhury happens to be a prolific blogger who has worked closely with the reputed and top dentists for many years now and has written extensively on various topics on dentistry and other medical fields. Her focus is to assist the readers with reliable and authentic information about various dental care procedures so that they can take an informed decision at the hour of need.

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