Hey there! I’m Niharika!

I’m a work at home mum. I’m 33 yrs old. At the moment, our little family is living in Indore, India. Before taking the lifetime role of a mum I was(& am) a Human Resource Generalist. My days were spent dealing with legal compliances, benefits, leave of absences, and everything HR-related. Now I am working as a freelance content writer at a research firm. Apart from this, my days are spent running after my daughter. At some point(as soon as possible) I wish to go back to work again.

I really believe to open up my life to others before I ask them to open their lives up to me.

As I am filling out the “About me” section….. it has always puzzled me. I usually think to myself “Who would read that at all?”

Anyways if you read this far, I welcome you to my personal Blogging page where I will post weekly(well try to) about me & Ira’s life also stuffs related to us. As I write this, I have experienced motherhood for four years now. I have gone through trial & error, I have no expertise on motherhood other than what I have learned from my family & google :P. My baby has taught me what it means to be loved & I have learned in return, to love truly & deeply.

:)Thank you for stopping by. 🙂



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