6 Landscaping Trends That Will Be Huge in 2018  

If you’ve been neglecting your outdoor space for too long, it’s time for a little makeover. Check out these hot landscaping trends for 2018, pick your style and give it a go in your garden.

Eastern vibes

The Arabian style of landscaping will be one of the biggest trends in 2018. It’s full of colour, interesting patterns and exotic plants. Its main feature are intricate mosaics made of glazed ceramic that serve as the centrepiece of the space. Flowers and plants are also arranged in a special way. The geometric display of greenery further boosts the intricate aesthetics of the Arabian style. Additionally, don’t forget to introduce fruit trees, edible herbs and colourful flowers into your landscaping for extra enticing aromas and scenes.

Zen gardens

These past few years have been very turbulent, so people want to turn their homes into their private havens far away from hustle and bustle of the outside world. That’s why Zen gardens are simply flourishing! They encourage the feeling of security, peace and mindfulness while looking absolutely breathtaking. Zen gardens are all about natural shapes, colours, sounds and scents. Plants, trees and stones are often arranged in a way that imitates nature and evokes an authentic experience. Additionally, one element that is often present in Zen gardens is water, loved for the calming effect it has on people, so don’t forget to install small fountains, waterfalls or reflection pools.

Greenery for the win

The right planting can turn your outdoor space from a beast into a beauty in no time. Succulents and cacti are still going strong, especially in hot climates like Australia’s. They are super popular thanks to their interesting look and sculpture-like properties. Some traditional landscaping elements like circular topiaries are making a big comeback in 2018, but they demand a bit more care if you want them to be attractive. However, if you find experienced landscapers in Sydney, you’ll have no issues. They will make sure your landscaping is neatly trimmed and maintained.

Fire pits

As more people start to treat their outdoor space as an extension of the interior, fire pits are gaining a larger and larger number of followers. They allow people to use their outdoor spaces even in colder months and serve as a great place for socialising. The fire element brings great relaxation to your garden and can serve as the centrepiece of your space. There are fire pits models that can double as coffee tables, which means you can use them even during hot summer days.

Interesting concrete and pavers

Gone are the days of large grey concrete areas as more interesting options emerge on the market. Products like beautiful coloured concrete can make your outdoor spaces stand out from the sea of cookie-cutter homes. It comes in many colour varieties and is suitable for all outdoor spaces. Additionally, pavers of interesting shapes and sizes are also expected to blow up in 2018. Stones like granite, porphyry and limestone will be top choices, while cobblestones will get a new and exciting treatment. Try changing up their laying design and mix straight lines with circular shapes.

Beautiful lighting

If you want to enjoy your garden during the evening as much as you enjoy it during the day, you need adequate lighting. Forget about strong fluorescent lights that create an unwelcoming vibe and blind you more than they light up your way. Today, the accent is put on solar LEDs that are eco-friendly, energy efficient and provide you with soft and calming lighting. Another great trend for 2018 is under-step lighting strips that boost safety and help create a welcoming ambience. They are also suitable for handrails, benches and seats.

These six landscaping trends will completely transform your outdoor space and make it your private safe haven that evokes peace and relaxation.

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