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5 Things to do and See in the Venice Surroundings

The things to do and see in the outskirts of Venice are a lot of more than you can imagine. Surely, for a tourist, Veneto is equal to Venice with its gondola, the channels and the ‘700 century.

But its outskirts deserve a visit too, they worth a few days or simply one weekend to relax, see the local traditions, the sea.

Here 5 places on the outskirts of Venice, because there is more.

H2 1. Caorle and its lagoon
Caorle is another place in the enchanting region of Veneto, not by chance considered a Venice in miniature, that with its historical center, the small colored houses and its green nature it has nothing to envy Venice.

Caorle has more ancient origins. Just think about the millennial inheritance left by the civilizations that have lived here, beginning with the Roman Empire that makes of this a city full of history and artistic beauty.

But the surprises don’t stop here because Caorle is also a popular bathing destination for its beaches and the receptive structures at the state-of-the-art from b&bs to hotels from 3 stars up to those to the extra luxury one.

Crossing the waterfront of Scogliera Viva, with rock-cliffs carved by artists of all over the world, take advantage of the magic and suggestive environment and visit the Sanctuary at peak over the sea of the Madonna dell’Angelo, built in 1944.

Once inside, you can admire different statues in wood representing the Virgen with her Child, God holding the world and a relief of the archangel S. Michael.

From this point, the panorama is splendid! The beauties of the coastal landscape with those of the territory made fall in love the writer Ernest Hemingway so much to convince him to insert the description of this place in one of his more famous novels “Across the River and Into the Trees”.

Sea and country land apart, a visit to Caorle must begin from the Historical Center with its Cathedral whose inside hosts works of art as “L’Ultima Cena”.

In short, Caorle certainly deserves to be visited and appreciated and it is a good base to visit the Veneto zone and obviously Venice which is only an hour away.

H2 2. Jesolo Lido
I highly suggest a walk to Jesolo Lido where you will find 15 km of thin dolomitic sand that makes this beach among the most beautiful and beloved of Europe.

From the beach of Jesolo, you can reach in just a few minutes the characteristic harbor of Cortellazzo, a small fraction near Jesolo on the river Piave, where you can stay to have lunch surrounded by a luxuriant green pine forest and admire a typical scenery of the Venetian lagoon.

H2 3. Chioggia, the little Venice
The city of Chioggia, for its urbanistic conformation, is also called “the small Venice”, also its historical center rises on a group of islets divided by channels connected by bridges.

Known to have one of the most efficient harbors in Italy, Chioggia it is a beloved destination to visit its beautiful atmosphere and the vivacity that conveys thanks to the presence of so many traditional artists, painters, aquarellist, sculptural, and decorators of “Bragossi” (the typical Chioggia boat), painted with bright colors that give a touch of joy to the lagoon landscape.

The city of Chioggia is located on the Venetian Lagoon, at around fifty kilometers from Padua (by the way, Padua should be another must stop for your vacation, here you can find a 1-day itinerary of Padua (

The symbol of the town is a rampant lion, a symbol chosen by its legendary founder Clodio.

In reality, it is probable that Chioggia was born around 2000 B.C. after a people of sailors coming from Tessaglia colonized a lot of cities on the Adriatic coast.

Here you can admire many monuments of an unmistakable historical and cultural value: the Palazzo Municipale and the Loggia dei Bondi, the Porta di Santa Maria that represents the southern access to the city, the Bridge of Vigo (the last bridge that crosses the Canal Vena), a marvelous Pinacoteca, Carlo Goldoni’s house in Palazzo Poli.

There is a whole series of cult places that are the true artistic and architectural patrimony of the city: the Church and the Bell tower of Sant’Andrea, the Cathedral of Saint Maria Assunta, the Basilica of St. Giacomo Apostolo, the Church of the Sacra Trinità, the Church of St. Domenico with the Sanctuary of the Christ.

I suggest to visit this small, but rich Venetian treasure in June, during the Festa of the Marciliana, a beautiful medieval festival.

Or in July during the Feast of the Fish, where you can taste delicious typical dishes.

H2 4. Visit the Cavallino-Treporti markets
If you love the little markets then the zone of Cavallino-Treporti is perfect for an immersion in this popular Venetian country tradition.

The markets of Tuesday morning at Cavallino and of Thursday in Treporti square, in fact, are not only frequented by residents but also from the amazed tourists, happy to assist at this folk weekly event.

Cavallino-Treporti it is also a good location for RV’ing for the presence of numerous areas of campings. One of the more popular Cavallino camping is the San’Angelo Village, a 5 stars camping ideal for a sea vacation with the family or with the friends.

5. Sunbathe at Bibione
Bibione is a small place in the province of Venice at the border between Veneto and Friuli, surrounded by a luxuriant nature, bathed by a clean and calm sea and famous for its shore.

The beach extends for a length of over 11 kilometers, softly developing itself among the various really well-furnished shores, populated but at the same time extremely calm during the summer, and a sea that for over 25 consecutive years has won the prestigious Blue Flag for the quality of its waters.

It’s for a series of reasons that Bibione is often considered an ideal destination for family vacations: a little deep sea, particularly fitting for children, the great beauty of its hinterland rich in landscapes and unforgettable vistas that make it a privileged destination for a relaxing vacation.

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