How to Throw the Perfect Kids’ Birthday Party at Home

Organizing a birthday party for your kids sounds like the most difficult and challenging thing in the world, and it can turn into a disaster in a matter of minutes unless you plan it ahead and get organized. If you’re absolutely sure who’s coming, what’s going to happen, where the party is going to take […]

How to make Raw Banana Cutlet

Bananas are easy to eat and exceptionally tasty. In addition, they’re loaded with a lot of essential minerals and vitamins. Majority of people consume bananas when they’re ripe and yellow, but unripe and green bananas are as well harmless to eat. Nevertheless, some people dislike their texture and taste. But there are other ways to […]

Egg Devil

Egg devil also is known as “Egg chop”, “Dimer chop” or “Dimer devil”. It is one of the most popular street food of Kolkata.  From Bengali households to street side stalls, egg devils have spread out like wildfire. In West Bengal, it is served in parties, various occasions and get together. Although you’ll find various […]

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