Cheap and Easy Ways To Childproof Your Home

Having a baby is definitely something that transforms both your life and home. Once your child starts crawling around the house, it’s important that you think about all the potential safety hazards in order to prevent a disaster from happening. Needless to say, it’s the parent’s responsibility to keep the environment as safe as possible, […]

Happy International Women’s Day

Today, like me, everyone must have experienced their phone and social media accounts bombing with International Women’s Day messages and pictures. It always comes to me that why celebrate women on a certain day, why not every day? Here I may sound a little feminist but to begin with, can we all simply agree that […]

How To Protect Your Children’s Teeth From Chocolate

Eating chocolate is no sin. But crossing the limit, however, can become problematic. Too much of sweet and sugar is extremely harmful to people of any age group as it comes with a variety of health risks. Children are particularly folded of chocolates so they are always at a greater risk of dental issues. For […]

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