14 Reasons Babies Makes You go Awwww

Like every other mum in the world I too waited nine months for my daughter and certainly, it was worth the wait. There was a sky full of feelings running through me when I took her in my hand for the first time. I had mixed feelings thrilled, overwhelmed, anxious, jumpy(well physically couldn’t because I had a C-Sec) tired and confused at the same time. Everything about her was worth all the pain. Every tiny activity performed by this miniature melted my heart time after time, days after days, weeks after weeks & months after months. Here are 14 things which I absolutely treasure about last fourteen months:

  1. The baby button eyes

It was a bit of heaven the way she looked at me for the very first time. Those button eyes were and are always filled with laughter and playfulness.

  1. The tiny-winy everything

Nobody can ever get over how cute their hands, fingers &noses are. The way they yawn…. Oooo …Basically, every part of your baby takes your breath away.

3.The fresh fragrance

Research shows that “smell of a newborn lightens up the pleasure and love centers of your brain”.Even if you don’t bathe the baby for a day, the way they smell will still be the most amazing fragrance to you.

4.The sugary smile

You can wait &watch them for hours doing absolutely nothing. And then a sudden smile on their faces can be the one thing that makes your world a whole lot better.

  1. The smooth flawless skin

This definitely increases the number of cuddles and kisses.

6.The sleeping beauty

Who doesn’t likes a sleeping baby??? Ask a mother the same question and see their responses. All you’d ever want to do is watch them sleep. Just watching your child sleep, yawn, and stretch is enough entertainment for you.

  1. The funny noises

The moaning, groaning, sigh, burping and other strange noises(sometimes farting included …that too in front of a group of people standing and discuss something serious). It’s funny how we soon begin talking the baby talk once left alone with an infant.

  1. The bouncy bottom

My favorite lovable feature is their super soft, cute and bouncy bums.

  1. The drama queen

The unique expression and reaction to everything, my god, it will take your heart away. The faces they make, frown, grin, tantrums and react to everything.

10.The baby shopping

Shopping for your baby starting from their toys to clothes is the most satisfying shopping experience ever. Some of the clothes are a treat to the eyes.

  1. The First crawl & First walk

No words can beautifully explain your baby’s first crawl and later the first ever walk.

12.The First word

Although there are lots of miles stones in the babies the first year nothing can beat the first word. Ira’s first word was “ba-ba”

  1. The perfect little thing

Basically, you will love how perfect everything about your baby is. It is just a blessing to be around your baby.


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