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11 Difficult Lessons Learned from Blogging

It is sometimes difficult to believe that I’m blogging for more than 4 years now. And  I must say what a fun and amazing journey it has been!

On the whole, I love blogging because I am getting to know other people’s thoughts and majorly enjoying the part of writing and reading. However, if I had to begin my blogging journey all over again, I will have done things otherwise.


As I’ve learned a lot over the years.

Sadly I can’t return in time and undo the mistakes that I had done, nor that I am saying that now I have learned it all, but my participation in the BlogchatterA2Z challenge 2020 had made me realized a lot needs to be changed.

Here are some lessons that I learned from blogging for 4 years…

  1. A headline is the most important part of the post, so keeping them short and to the point can attract readers. Moreover, utilizing negative words within headlines is an awesome way to boost your click-through rates.
  2. Well everyone knows that spelling errors and grammar affects your readers along with the search engine rankings. Utilizing numbers and bullets is an easy way to make your content more readable.
  3. Having headings and subheadings within the blog posts does help you to rank more keywords.
  4. To pick up new post ideas, I used to just search the internet, but later I realized that a magazine, newspaper, book, or a simple conversation can also give you unique ideas.
  5. I make a mistake of not utilizing properly email marketing.
  6. Not publishing blog posts regularly can make it hard for your website traffic to grow. Planning a regular posting schedule and sticking with it is important. Whether it’s weekdays or weekends, just stick to the schedule.
  7. SEO is a struggling area for all of us, while some say write content for search engines while others say write content for humans. It is one hell of a difficult choice to make for any blogger. But I am coming to the terms that to make unique you just have to be you (here I am not talking about the commercial aspect). People follow people not just blogs.
  8. The most important part is to make mistakes and not to be afraid to embarrass self.
  9. Asking for help does help to resolve a problem. Even if you don’t get the solution/answer, you didn’t lose anything by asking.
  10. Social media buttons are important because every single share helps and to value every person who takes time to stop by your blog.
  11. DO NOT GIVE UP EVER!! Nothing comes up easily and even though it comes, it can go as quickly it came. All we can do is work hard.

I’ve learned a lot about blogging in the past 4 years. I’ve enjoyed my journey( the ups and downs), and I am pretty sure that I will keep on learning more as I blog over the years to come. As I’m an HR by profession, I never that I’d ever find myself in the blogging world, every year apart from the above-mentioned lessons, I got to learn a lot of technical stuffs too (solving them was nerve wrenching though). I hope you could gain some insights from my experiences and grow your blog at a much faster rate than I did.

What have you learned from blogging?

32 thoughts on “11 Difficult Lessons Learned from Blogging

    1. Wonderful post. It took me a long time to understand SEO and all. I still don’t use email marketing. Your blog has propelled me to explore and experiment more on my blog.

  1. I totally agree with your thoughts. I think we are on the same page. We learned through our mistakes. We definitely apply all the ideas and tips for future blogging for sure. Keep the good work up.

  2. Initially, maintaining a good SEO for every single post used to seem too much but now it has became a part of my ritual. Little late after SEO, I discovered that hat there is something called Headline score. It is so much fun and a satisfactory feeling to see score increasing or decreasing with the word we use. One thing that I would like to add in your points is get rid of stop words in your headline. I am yet to get regular on email marketing.

  3. So glad you penned this post, Niharika. You’ve listed all important points, and lessons it takes years to learn. Newbies to blogging will find it very useful and learn from it.

  4. All points are really informative and I share so much things common from your input.i m also blogging since last 4 years and learnt a lot so much during this period of time. Seo is still an important aspect that I need to learn properly.

  5. Hey I have learnt so much and still learning and improving in the world of blogging. point 7 is still a struggling point for me too. Another thing i learnt is that good bloggers are taken for granted and are asked to do free work or write for meager amounts. Blogging takes a lot of research and time and effort to create a good one.

  6. Not utilizing email marketing properly is something I regret too. I am taking a few baby steps to learn it properly. Coschedule is my go-to option whenever I want to finalize a good title for the blog.

  7. Been 6 years of blogging and I can say we are still learning. Each time new aspect of blogging comes up and we have to learn it and embrace the change. Very well crafted post.

  8. When everyone wants to simply monetise blogs but doesn’t have patience to learn the basics, I’m glad you wrote this post. SEO is important. A good idea can come from anywhere and bad grammar is a huge no-no!

  9. Blogging is a constantly evolving scene.Love how good it makes me feel ,that’s why I started and the reason I continue.People follow people as you mentioned.

  10. Learning in Blogging is never ending journey. Agree that Not publishing blog posts regularly can hurt the blog traffic. Get to know more about Blogging from your experience. Thanks for sharing

  11. This is such an informative and helpful post for all bloggers. I learned a lot of things from my mistakes, still learning and have to work on my old posts too. Thanks for writing down these points which many bloggers forget to implement while writing blogs.

  12. Well done buddy, you have cracked the real points one misses while blogging and that too in just four years, nor start working towards fixing them 😊

  13. Thanks for sharing this encouraging post. Yes, in the long run it is common to get a feeling of loosing it out but blogs such as yours keep the motivation rhythm on.

  14. quite an encouraging post Niharika.. even I have been here for quite sometime now and I never give up on writing. Also I am working upon my SEO and networking skills.

  15. I agree that never giving up attitude always worked and it’s never wrong to seek help from others if you have a doubt or query. These are some common mistakes we all bloggers do when we start up our blog. Glad you pointed out!!

  16. Not being consistent is a big issue that i face in my blogging journey – sometimes I just dont want to write just for writing. Though I am a person who loves to write! I agree to most of your points you have mentioned here.

  17. You have rightly mentioned all pointers, Niharika. Blogging renders you a great learning curve. You learn and meet amazing people and update your technical skills almost on daily basis. After attending few workshops on SEO now got little hold on it.

  18. Yes it is necessary to publish blog every week to be consistent and have regular audience. This helps blog to grow in the right way and reach more people.

  19. Of course Niharika,

    Blogging is difficult but consistency is the key. Being an SEO professional I also believe that blogging is tough as we have to go through many areas of it from Finding keywords to making blog topics.
    Publishing content to marketing it on search engines and social media.
    For me, writing content is one of the time taking tasks because quality content is web demand. Putting just rewriting others’ content won’t give us any benefit at all.

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